Outline for Full-Body Anchor

I’m currently doing the Full-Body with Power Cleans from Beyond, finishing up my 2nd cycle at 5’s PRO + FSL this week. Next week I plan to deload, and then go into an anchor. I’m thinking of decreasing the squat intensity on the non-squat days, since I really like being able to squat every day, but need to put more energy to the main lifts. Also only considering doing FSL for press since it responds best to volume for me, even after hitting a PR (Spinal Tap+Jokers was great for my press, for example.) How does this look:

Agile 8 / Jumps / GHR
Power Clean “3’s PRO”
Squat - 3/5/1 with Jokers on 3/1 weeks
50x Push/Pull/Abs

Agile 8 / Throws / GHR
Squat - 5x40/50/60%
Bench - 3/5/1 with Jokers on 3/1 weeks
50x Push/Pull/Single leg

Agile 8 / Jumps+Throws / GHR
Squat - 5x40/50/60%
Press - 3/5/1 with Jokers on 3/1 weeks, FSL 3x5
Deadlift - 3/5/1 with Jokers on 3/1 weeks
50x Pulls/Reverse Hypers

Then, go into a TM test week to get ready for a new Leader. Thanks all.