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'Outliers' IQ Problem...

I don’t know if anyone here has read the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, but its an excellent read. Near the beginning he talks about Christopher Langan, a chronic underachiever who has spent his life in menial jobs, with an IQ hovering around 205. There was an IQ problem mentioned in the book that often finds its way onto the tests for unusually high IQ (>160). Langan apparently answered this question in 15 seconds, and the tests allows for a maximum of 2 minutes. As I’ve read the book I know the answer, but just for fun (please don’t Google it, after all most T-Nation readers claim to have 145 IQs, so it’ll be a snap), give it an honest shot.

I’ve always thought myself to be smarter than average, but this test made me feel pretty darn stupid. I would have to say H, even though I am by no means certain it is correct.

This is still bugging me, can you PM me the answer?

??? I’m blank.


(80% guess)

I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure it’s A.

When in doubt, C and go to the next one.

i would say E.

Hint: It’s not about patterns.

[quote]FlyingFred wrote:
Hint: It’s not about patterns.[/quote]

That means it’s F!

If not, will you please PM me the answer?

I used the whole 2 minutes and came up with E. It took me a bit to figure out a pattern and by that time I was out of time so I just made a guess.

It’s A! I got it!.. Sorta.

Yeah i picked E too (mostly guess aswell.)

I picked A at the end of two minutes.

How can you even look at the images in 15 seconds?

narrowed my choices down to A or C. would probably guess C.

can you please PM me the answer

PM me too please


I based it on the top line of each grid, but it’s a guess more than anything…

every other choice has two matching characters next to each other except A…Probably more complex than that though


pm me answer too please