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Outlaw Country Music


This one's aimed at CW, among others.

Let's talk country music. I know you're an outlaw affcionado. I'm gonna throw out two names I've never heard you mention: David Allan Coe (my personal favorite) and Johhny Duncan. What say you?

Also, what about old names like Johnny Cash, may he rest in peace, or newer acts like Big and Rich or Shooter Jennings?

The stimulus for this post is the DVD of Dave Coe live at Billy Bob's that I watched before hitting the gym last night, an awesome flick by the way.


Damn, I thought this was a petition to outlaw country music. My bad.


The "Outlaw" country movement of the 70's was efectively started by Waylon Jennings and had to do with him wanting (and deserving) more money from the label and more freedom to record what he wanted. He got the money and freedom to record "Honkey Tonk Heroes", the first "Outlaw" record. Incidentally almsot all the tracks on that album were written by Billy Joe Shaver.

After that the whole Outlaw thing took off, and is now another over comercialized bit of Nashville.

I would NOT put Coe in the same class as Big & Rich or Montgomery Gentry or any of the present day "outlaws".
Coe is in a class by himself, not only becuase of his extreme lifestyle and history, but because of his talent. He has had over 50 songs he's written on the charts, numerous #1's, all this before modern corporate music.


When I saw the title of this thread, I thought "What a good idea!"


I completely agree. I cannot understand how DAC has failed to receive wider recognition.

Coe himself has some choice comments on the subject on the aforementioned DVD, and he goes on to suggest we all send some emails and ask the CMA, among others, "What about David Allan Coe?"

I will truly be disapointed if I never get to see the man in concert.


I won't...

He's half a step away from being a Klansman, and that doesn't change once you get to be a senior citizen.


Damn, I also thought this was about banning country music, and here I was ready to make a huge scene about how country music isn't bad as long as you don't listen to the Dixie Chicks.


Outlaw counrty doesn't get any better than Willie's Red Headed Stranger album.

"The red headed stranger from Blue Rock Montana rode into town one day..."

Best album ever for my money.

Although DAC's "The Ride" gives me chills.


As long as we're outlaing country music, can we get rid of Nascar, too?


Because the Nashville music honchos suck. People like Johnny Cash, Hank Jr., and others who refuse to follow the mainstream country path are exiles. They choose to follow their own path and Music City frowns upon that. They want cookie cutter, unoriginal stuff. That's what sells. The best true 'country' stars are mostly rejected by Nashville. Steve Earle is another example.


I dont quite know the difference between Outlaw Country Music and regular Country (I've just stareted listening to country); but I am going to Corb Lund tonight (Truck Got Stuck; If you know Corb Lund, he use to be in a punk band called the smalls).

Reading some more, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlaw_country outlaw country seems to be sort of the stuff that I like.

Regardless (but somewhat Off Topic), another BBer is Aaron Pritchett http://www.aaronpritchett.com/ although he seems to be not too far from just another Nashville produced hit (but he is independent).


Its a shame that most people only know of Steve Earle because of "John Walkers Blues." He's written some great stuff, and much of it about characters much worse than John Walker Lindh.


Look at all the guys coming out here to bad mouth country music. Maybe we should start screaming "racists" like some do whenever rap gets bad mouthed...


Copperhead Road was an excellent album - but nowhere nearly as good as Guitar Town, which is one of the best albums ever recorded by anyone IMO.


David allen coe ? he's great. love his song's " long haired redneck " and " greatest country song " I heard that he went to prison and killed a guy in there that tried to rape him and then got out b/c of a fellow country music artist petitioning somebody. anybody know about this?


Been listenen to D.A.C. for 25-30 yrs.try to get his Its A M****r F****r Album its got some pretty catchy tunes on it.Been a Cash Fan for 40+ yrs. I think these guys they try to say are outlaws now days are a bunch of fakes tryin to be what they think the originals were.Just like all these fake bikers we have now, since it became uppiefied.


DAC is the fucking shit. I think he sold the rights to most of his well known songs, so when you buy one of his greatest hits cd's he doesn't get a dime. The Marshall Tucker Band and The Allman Brothers band are my two all time favorite groups. I don't know if you would consider them country, but they are pretty damn close. A newer group that has become one of my favorites are the Drive-By Truckers. I bet no one on this board have heard of them. I have all their cd's and they are bad ass. Cross Canadian Ragweed are another lesser known bad ass group, along with Reckless Kelly. I also like Shooter Jennings new cd. There is a lot of classics like Willie, Hank, Cash, and the like who everyone knows. I listen to a lot of the newer not so mainstream acts like CCRagweed and DBT. CCRagweed put on a badass show if anyone gets a chance check them out.


Yes! I agree! Willie's RHS and Waylon's "Honky Tonk Heroes" are two of the best "outlaw" albums ever made.

Man, this is kinda scary because I was just going to mention "The Ride." It's the apotheosis of country songs. My opinions on DAC are mixed. I have seen him in concert (two years ago in Tucson). He's one of the scariest/strangest lookin' dudes I've ever laid my eyes on. I thought for sure that he was going to keel over dead during the show. In fact, I can't believe that's he still alive.

Here's the sad part about DAC. Ever since the '70s, he's been on a downhill slide. The albums he's released over the past few years have been nothing short of awful.

I'm also not surprised that some people are offended by some of his lyrics. He's definitely an odd duck.


Yes, Guitar Town is excellent. My personal favorite SE album is "I Feel Alright." But "El Corazon" is a close second. Then, "Transcendental Blues" is next. But the latter should not be heard while in a depressed state. It just might make you do something you wish you hadn't.


DAC, "Field of Stone" is one of the all time greats.
Marshall Tucker hasn't been the same since Toy Caldwell died, unfortunately. "Long Hard Ride" is awesome.
I've been trying to get a recording of Jessi Colter's "I'm not Lisa" for years, but it's out of circulation. Anybody have any ideas.

Oh, yeah, I'm with Rainjack, "Red Headed Stranger" is hard to beat. "You can't hang a man for shooting a woman, whose trying to steal his horse."