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Outfitting My Work Truck

Alright…so i am trying to figure what i want to do with my work truck as far as hauling tools (every day) and hauling material (from time to time). I am a drywall taper, and our child will also be coming into the world very soon. My wife and i also moved to a larger center recently too.

So far, i have been hauling my tools in my cab behind the drivers/passengers seat, but its a pain because it completely eliminates the back seat, meaning i can only take one other person with me at a time, and even getting groceries is irritating because the stuff that cant go in the box has to go on the passenger seat.

With our child coming too, i want to have the option to take him in my truck, and in general too i want the cab cleaner because you can probably imagine how dirty a drywallers truck would be with hauling tools in the cab.

So i am down to two options here…either a locking tool crate, weather i built it or bought it, and bigger obviously than a standard truck tool box. Or, a truck topper. They both have benefits, but the crate has a potential to be much cheaper…and an issue with the canopy is that i would also need to track down a locking tail gate.

So again, please give me your opinions or even pros/cons. Thanks

I’m not a drywall/taper but I do work construction, and all I can say is if I could get away with the cheaper/smaller option (tool box) that’s what I would go with.

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A lock box and a rack for ladders, long things, etc. with a removable cross member back at the tailgate for hauling plywood or drywall in the bed. That’s the all American, do just about anything contractors set up.


Now that I live in Houston, it’s so refreshing to hear someone ask how to make their truck more functional for hauling tools for work, instead of making it look “more badass.” I fucking hate Pavement Princesses. Where I’m from, a clean truck is an embarrassment to its owner. Accordingly, these dorks with spotless lifted F-350s sitting on 24" wheels with glossy mud tires (how is that even a fucking thing that exists) should be a lot more ashamed than they appear to be.


You forgot the undercarriage lighting system!! :joy:

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Yeah where i live (canada) theres lots of pavement crawlers. I just have a beat up farm truck…2wd, dents and scratches all over but she runs good and hauls anything i throw at her. I havent washed my truck since before winter either haha.

My truck a crossover tool box that I bought from a local hardware store. I also got a hard folding tonneau cover so that I can securely store my other stuff in the truck bed.

Dunno. Something that locks really well and is resistant to forced break ins people knowledgeable about that kind of stuff. The number of times I’ve had people try to steal is incalculable.

Also a cell phone booster, at least out here.