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Outer Quads Lagging


What's the best way to target my outer quads? When I squat my knees always try to pinch in. My squat has dropped from 225 for 10 all the way down to 135 for 7 reps....


Why has the weight in your squat dropped so dramatically?


i find leg press with your feet next2 eachother targets them nicely and legpress with ur toes pointing in also!


Ja dude as well, tried close space leg press yesterday and today on the outer quad its kuck sore!


yeah man .. mine just recovered intime 4 my next leg session.. it was even sore lyin on my side in bed!! owneD!


You might want to give some consideration to fixing your squat form before worrying about your outer quads.


x2 and then worry about outer quads when you can squat 300 in good form


Pinch in... do you mean your knees buckle? Thats usually because you aren't using your ass properly, and to compensate your legs get in a more quad-dominant position thus the buckling. You should massage your ass out with a foam roller (or a lady friend of choice). Then when your ass is nice and relaxed practice doing glute bridges until you can 'feel' your ass activating. Then go back to squats.

If this doesn't work you probably have something wrong with your gluteus medius, at which point see a physio or something... lateral hip rotation problems can be a million and one things, even hamstring or hip flexor issues, though, rarely.


[quote]forevernade wrote:

"Pinch in... do you mean your knees buckle?"

My knees try to move together when I squat.
I've been foam rolling pre-workout, don't feel much in my glutes when i hit them, thinking about switching to PVC or a lacrosse ball. maybe that will get them to wake up. thanks for the advice.


My inner quads are overpowering my outer making my knees pull together when i squat, so in order to keep good form I dropped the weight. My max is 250 but form is shit.


This isn't how the quads work. you need to address your squat form, this will fix your knee problem