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Outer Pec Development?


Having trouble developing this portion of my chest. What is a good exercise to develop this


Yeah, try building a big chest first. That is all "outer pecs" are...your own chest, bigger with enough definition to see it.

I'm guessing you need size all over.


Outer pec... As in the "pec delt tie in" are? If you go wider than that it's your front delt lol.

Like prof x said, you probably just need more size overall in you chest.


BB Bench Press
DB Bench Press
BB Incline Bench Press
DB Incline Bench Press
BB Decline Bench Press
DB Decline Bench Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Close Grip Incline Bench Press
Close Grip Decline Bench Press
Floor Press
Close Grip Floor Press
Bench Press From Pins
Close Grip Bench Press From Pins
One Arm DB Bench Press
Neutral Grip DB Bench Press
DB Pec Fly
Cable Pec Fly
Machine Pec Fly
Decline DB Pec Fly
BB Overhead Press
DB Overhead Press
Overhead Press From Pins
Weighted Push-Ups
Plyo Push-Ups
Push-Ups with feet elevated
Pull Overs
Bench Dips
Cable Cross-Overs


Holy pecs, batman. Are you in the gym shower, lol.



It was the only place with lighting that doesn't make me come out so dark that I wash out the whole pic trying to see myself.

And for the record, I appreciate that. My chest used to be a weak point.


The first few times I read this as "I appreciate that my chest used to be a weak point." lol