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Outer Palm Wrist Pain


I experience serious pain when doing tricep push-downs across the outer palm of one hand (from ring finger to pinky). It's worst with the rope and v attachments , lesser with a 'w' shaped bar with wrists bent in, and least with a straight bar. Currently I cannot adequately stimulate my triceps with this exercise.

On the reverse of this exercise (i.e., skull-crusher) there is no pain. I would stick with skull-crushers but the force spectrum delta really sucks (i.e., hard at bottom, less difficult at middle, joke at top). I sometimes do a skull crusher with a cable machine (no delta here), but it involves considerable set-up time so it is not always feasible in my training window for a given day.

Any idea why and how I can go about remedying or minimizing the pain?

Thanks - Chris


Carpal Tunnel. Going in for surgery this week myself.
A good ART specialist may be able to help if it is not too far along. Do not aggravate it. Serious long term nerve damage can result. I cannot feel mu thumb or any finger except pinky (meaning that they are significantly numbed. I still have some sensation).
Good luck.