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Outer Lower Calf Tightness

Has anyone had issues with peroneal tightness? Mine started a few weeks ago after walking on a slight incline. The outside of my lower leg will almost seize when walking for a certain amount of time. I see stretches online, but nothing seems to be felt in the area of the tightness.

I was dealing with this last month.

I did a stretch like this.

I also rubbed or massaged the tendon on the outside of my ankle/calf, above where I felt the tightness. It’s ropey and easy to find. I would try to massage it to loosen and warm it up so stretching would be more effective. If you’re into foam rolling you can roll the outside of your calf/ankle working above the tightness all the way up to your knee.

With that muscle and tendon all tight and stiff my foot was moving sort of crooked to my ankle. To fix this I did seated calf raises with a real slow, smooth pace. Full ROM, no bouncing, focusing on proper pain free foot/ankle motion, keeping my foot and my shin lined up nicely and pushing through my toes with my calf. The stretching and massage worked well between sets.

Last I did some tibia raises. Keep your heel on the floor and raise your toe off the ground using your shin muscle. Slow and steady for high reps to pump up the tight muscle/tendon with blood. And to focus on your foot going straight up and down, not pulling towards the tight side.