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Outer Calves

Hey guys,
I want to get more definition in my outer calve muscle but Im not really sure the correct technique or any specific excersises to achieve this. Any one have any tips/suggestions?

I would also like to get my calves bigger, you can barely see them!!!

Here is the most recent T-mag calf training article:

There are a few more you can bring up with the search engine or find in the FAQ section, but the one above is excellent.

You could also check out an anatomy text, which will tell you that there is no such thing as an “outer calf” muscle.

Just do a regular calf program and the results will come.


You could check out an anatomy text and see that the gastrocnemius muscle has two heads: a lateral, or “outer” head, and a medeal head. It is obvious that this is what the poster is refering to.

Being able to isolate either head, however, is a different story.

Just work your gastrocnemius muscle and the whole thing will grow. Standing calf exercises hit the gastrocnemius muscle, while seated calf hit mainly the soleus.

Cool…thx guys, ill try them out!