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Outdoor Treadmill





stupid. you might as well just be running on the ground.


that's fuckin awesome LOL


Kind of reminds me of when one of ex's bought a $1000 treadmill. Didn't see the point when you could just walk out your front door and run around the neighborhood. Same thing with my brother, had a stair climber machine on the top floor of a three story house. Just doesn't make much sense to me, but I prefer to be outside.


HAAAAHAWHA! I would laugh so hard if I saw one of those.

That's almost as cool as segway police chasedown.


Amazing! That's just like walking outside. How'd they do it?


Lmao!! I wish I could see that outside my house


That must have come from the Department of Redundancy Department.


Probably the most useless invention since the solar powered torch.


It is the first treadmill that you can take with you when your running. I wonder if there going to come up with a battery version so you can drive your treadmill on the highway while running on it.

I would like to see it going up a steep hill; or maybe better might be going down a steep hill.


reminds me of the flintstones


Oh my God, how much do I love that machine?? I totally need one so I can outrun a porsche.

Snookered, I don't know about your ex or your brother, but I use my $1200 treadmill several times a week because it's safer than running outside in the dark at 5-something in the morning (injury being my worry) and because I can pull on shorts, a sport bra, and my Asics and be running in approximately 3 minutes, without having to concern myself with weather or gear.

I can sprint, do hills, whatever, and then 35 or 45 minutes later be peeling the shorts and bra off while the water heats up in the shower.