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Outdoor Training

Hey All,

The weather in north Jersey was so beautiful over the weekend that the trainers and some clients of Kaeos fitness decided to have some fun outside. Check out the vid and let us know what you think.

Man, that looked fun as hell. Watching videos like this make me wish I had friends that were into lifting.

My buddy and I did weighted lunges up this big ass hill in our town on thanksgiving day. We would both do the lunges non-stop and one would have the weight for a telephone pole distance and then switch. The distance was probably 1/8 mile or so up and then back down. This is cool tho. I wish my gym would do some stuff like this.


Glad you liked the video Defekt and Dirty Gerdy. The Kaeos fitness team wants to make training videos like this on a weekly basis. If you guys or anyone else has any ideas or tips on what we ought to do next let us know. And if you’d like, subscribe to our channel on YouTube to see our other training videos.

I’m honestly surprised you didn’t get more responses than you have.

You should add more “creative” things. Things that are slightly different that test strength/explosiveness/whatever

The ball toss and car push were good examples of this.

I noticed that body type had a lot to do with those exercises. The medicine ball toss and car push were a good example. James did pretty poorly there due to I assume short limbs, while on the other exercises such as dips/chins he did pretty well.

That’s a real good observation Defekt. James is actually a monster in the bench press, thanks mainly to his short limbs. But he struggles to bring up his deadlift numbers for the very same reason.

We are hoping to do more “creative” movements as this little project of ours progresses. Maybe pit two people against each other in the car push, giving someone like James a lighter vehicle and someone like me a slightly heavier one. Also giving some thought to lifts which involve irregular weights like logs, stones or sandbags. Plus the gym has a sprint harness that has yet to be utilized properly. We may also look into doing some more traditional training; for instance a maximal squat or deadlift session might be fun. Anything is possible.

As far as getting a response, please let anyone you know on these forums that we would love for them to give us their two cents about our program. We are eager to hear what the T-Nation community has to say.

I like to watch anything “hardcore” lol. I remember reading a story in musclemag about a guy and his buddy who would put a railroad tie on their shoulders and walk up a dirt hill and do squats till failure at the top. This kind of stuff gets me motivated. lol Everything else you stated and did was awesome tho. I’m also surprised like defekt that more people aren’t checking this out. I will definitely check out some more vids.


That railroad tie idea sounds pretty cool, Dirty Gerdy. And finding an object like that in Jersey should pose no problem given the numerous freight lines that move through here. We will definitely keep the training “hardcore” as you put it. We wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way.

Also, glad to hear that you’ll be checking out our other videos. Like I said, we hope to make these a weekly thing and we would love to get some direction and or advice from T-Nation.

If you have access to tire trucks, it’s fun to race with them. Otherwise, if you only have one then compete doing lengths; when one person finished the next guy has to get it back to the start point, ad infinitum.

Here is Kaeos Fitness most recent video on youtube. In celebration of the NFL combine, two trainers at the gym completed the 40 yard dash and 225 rep test. We are going to try to post a new video every week. Enjoy.

Sweet, too bad the weather is so shitty this weekend.

yup, that’s Jersey climate. You get a couple of great days as a tease this time of year, then gets back to 50’s, cloudy, and miserable.

Oh yeah, and TONS of pollen. Aaaaaachooo!

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Oh yeah, and TONS of pollen. Aaaaaachooo![/quote]

Yeah my allergies are usually at their worst around this time, my eyes get so irritated that I look like a pothead most of the day.