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Out of Whack Numbers


I bench 265lbs but only deadlift 355lbs. It seems to me that my deadlift is very weak compared to my bench. I understand that things like this are bound to happen to beginners such as myself, but I wonder what the most out of proportion numbers you've seen in a real competition are (for a non super heavy weight, especially). Like if somebody out there has a 400lb bench and a 355lb deadlift or something.

I'm also pretty curious how gear would play into this.


It doesn't natter. There are to many variables I how people are built , how they've trained and long they've trained etc.


Friend of mine pulled 600 while he was still benching 205 or so, both RAW.


Damn. His arms four feet long?


No. He just has ginormous glutes.


don't worry about it. get more time under the bar and it'll work itself out


I pull 395 and bench like 175, i wouldnt sweat it. everyone has different strengths and weaknesses


Yeah, I don't really consider it something to worry about, but I just wanted to see who else doesn't have the nice 3:4:5 ratio or whatever the proportions are "supposed" to be.

I do kind of hate having such a strong bench compared to my DL, though, because it makes me feel like a tool.


Dude, don't worry about it.


I bench 315 and can only squat 355 and deadlift 370...

my excuses are having ACL surgery affects my squatting and I have a partially torn meniscus (anyone have knee surgery and still squat? Hopefully?)

my grip is whats limiting my deadlift..Been stuck for a while


Haha. I bench about 315 and I'm closing in on a 700lb pull.


My little brother benches 320, squats 365 and pulls 365 all for 1rm. All his numbers are so close, kinda creepy.


Some more weird strange numbers for you. I close grip incline bench as much as I flat bench, 210lbs. Got a buddy of mine who can bench 275lbs for a super shitty and slow rep, ass of the bench, horrible form, whatever, in his mind if he gets it up it counts. However, he squats 225 for 5 above parallel partial reps, knees buckling, just a plain ugly lift. My brother doesn't really lift consistently, but at one point he did have a 365lbs dead and I think could only bench like 135lbs for a rep or two. None of these are competition lifts like you asked about, but those are some out of whack numbers I have seen.


I've had ACL reconstruction with a partially torn meniscus. Weights don't really hurt my knee. I'd say sprint/jump/sports training hurts them more but honestly, its not bad at all. I put a lot of time into rehab and strengthening my legs though so be sure to do so. Good luck!


Whenever I hear about crazy differences in numbers like that, I always wonder what those numbers would be like in a competition, with a pause on the bench, parallel squats, etc.


Yeah, mine are all gym numbers (never done a competition), but I get a good pause on the bench and don't hitch up the deadlift or anything weird. I didn't post anything about squats because I prefer to squat way below competition depth. I do feel like a lot of people inflate the hell out of their bench and squat numbers, though.


an acquaintance of mine is planning on going 400/400/400 at a meet soon, raw. not sure if squat/dl are legitimate though. the bench i believe.


A guy at my gym benches 672, squats, 600 ish, and deadlifts 600 ish. He trains his squat and deadlift in a home gym so I never see them. Last time I saw him squat or deadlift he was at about 600 for both lifts.

There seem to be a lot of bench specialists out there. Those guys tend to have bench numbers close to or higher than their squat and deadlift.


Don't forget shirts . These fellows are getting 150-200 lbs from a shirt . In the good ole days his lifts would be more in line .


Jennifer Thompson has gone 308/292/385 raw. Everyone is built differently.