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Out of town Gym

Not much at the gym normally upsets me, they can play their crappy music, do the same routine all year etc, but on Friday I was out of town and did a w/out at a gym I may join when we shift. Went like this, warm up with 2 mins jump rope and stretch, “all stare at the new guy in town with the skipping rope!” that done I started w/out (last day of Meltdown), got weights oragnaised in/around sqaut rack. Half way thru and just finished bent over rows, standing over bar at end of squatt rack and some young woman who has just watched me do set says “are you using this?” meaning the sqautt rack, “yeah, I am actually”,“can we go between sets?”, “I only have 1 1/2 mins between sets” “Oh” then she starts taking the weights off the bar I’m gonna use for the push press. IMPORTANT NOTE there is a squatt cage vacant next to us! So I think, I’m a visitor don’t throw a hissy fit. I decide to move to the vacant cage, she then offers to take one end of the bar, Jeez its only got push press weight on it, “I should be ok”, I move and am REALLY pumped for next set by now. Well the real insult is that she gets in there, goes crazy and works up to max weight of 10kg (22lb) per side !!! Not being a belt user I may have something wrong, should you use a belt doing bench press, cause some guy was doing that. I am reconsidering joining there and will see if local rugby club has some weights and join there, should be cheaper anyway and have more feel to it.