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Out of these Various TRT Protocols


100mg Test E/.5mg arimidex Monday
250ius HCG/.5mg arimidex Friday


50mg Test E/.5mg arimidex/125ius HCG Monday
Repeat above on Thursday
(I'm not quite sure about the HCG dosage on this protocol)

I was considering reducing to .25arimidex each dose but I'd rather be safe then sorry (at least until I get my first lab back).

With the first protocol, I was reading that the HCG given 3 days prior to next T injection can prevent the dip in exogeneous test. (Rise in T given from endogeneous test from hcg)

I'm leaning toward the second protocol, but I'm not sure if 125ius of HCG will do much. Should I inject 250ius of HCG on the first 50mg T injection?