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Out of Test P, Swap To Sustanon?

I’d go 12

Thank you guys for all your advice. I will definitely run until 12.

Okay so been hitting 1ml of CYP twice a week…

BUT seeing some serious side effects now…

My face, back and chest are breaking out like crazy.
Aggression heightened…

Any ideas why? Considering didn’t get this at all on PROP?

Sorry I wasnt clear.

Using Depo Testosterone 100mg/ml pinning 1ml twie a week.

Okay so now its week 9. And in brief what can I say? Prop > BEATS CYP everyday of the week.

Honestly I thought cyp was just slow to start… But I am honestly feeling nothing.
No muscle size, no alpha mentality, nothing…
Al I have been getting is mood swings and break outs especially on my lower back.

I even tried pyramiding it to try and get better output…

I worked out at 1ML of 100mg twice a week I would have had some left so asked a pro trainer and he recommended to pyramid up to 1.5 from 1.0 for a week then to 2.0 and back to 1.5… I am shooting my last 1.5 shot today. Got 2 weeks left 1.0, then 0.5.

Any recommendations? Done some reading and saw a couple other guys with the same issue… and main advice being Estradiol level being high? Should I go get more blood work done now? Is it even worth it with 2 weeks left?

Any advice is appreciated…

I have tavox, clomid and hcg on hand.