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Out of Test P, Swap To Sustanon?

Okay I am going to be honest,

I didn’t plan for my first cycle as BEST as I could. Left things for last minute and changed my original plan - was going to run Test P for 7 weeks pinning twice a week, after posting here I changed it to MWF. This is my first cycle, I got some serious good gains these last 4 weeks, especially when upping dosage from 0.5ml to 1ml.

I f****D UP badly. My guy let me down on bringing me a second vial of test prop - on week 4, was going to run it for 8 weeks. Anyways I have about 0.5 - 0.75 ml left of my test prop which I am pinning MWF, so one shot left for Monday, maybe.

The place I am on vacation doesn’t really have gym junkies BUT the pharmacies are quite leaniant. I managed to find some medical grade Test Sust from a pharmacy that they will sell to me over the counter but per 1 ml./
Ratio is: Test P 20mg
Test Phenyl: 40mg
Test Isocpriate: 40mg
Benzyl Alchol IP: 0.1ml
Arachis Oil IP q.s.

So I have two options, considering this is only week 4 and I want to finish this cycle.

Option A - Buy the sust and jump onto that from next week. If so what dosage would you recommend?
Option B - Buy online, MAYBE get it in 10 days if I am lucky, and if NAPS isn’t a scam website.
Option C - Cut the cycle short, run some M-Stak and PCT.

This is my first cycl to.

What would you advice?

PS On my shot tonight, the nurse pinned me on the side of my left glute close to my hip and it burns and hurt so much. Haven’t felt PIP like that since the first couple ones. Is this natural? Thinking maybe virgin site, short needle and also its the end of the vial so probably loads of oil leftover?

PPS considering I was travelling I didn’t bring needles as would look dodgy, thats why I used the nurse.

You did screw up badly. Never start a cycle without having everything needed to finish it. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Now that you’ve been scolded. I have to scold you again. It’s against forum rules to discuss sources. Ok. Scolding over.

I’d get the Sust and front load it out of it. 2ml days 1 and 2. Then go back to regular schedule. This will keep your level reasonably stable. Not perfect but close enough.

2nd question. Just virgin muscle pain. You’ll be fine. As far as oil left over. It’s all oil. Thats what testosterone is suspended in. The bottom of the vial is the same as the top.

You may want to research AAS a little more before you do another cycle.

I really appreciate the advice! And I know I screwed up badly problem was I trusted the wrong people.
My original cycle was only going to need one vial of prop, set up by my trainer, but after I started researching it I realized pinning twice a week at 0.5 ml would do nothing so I changed to three times at 1ml. Tried to get another vial, my guy promised he would have it on time and never got it.

But thank you again
I’ll do that definitely!

Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it.

Yeah I know I deserved the scolding and put my trust in the wrong people tbh.

Went back to the pharmacy today and they don’t have enough sustanon BUT do have Cyprinate in 10ml vials. Thinking of bying that instead?

Can that work?

Really appreciate the advice and help! You are a life saver for us newbies!

[quote]Fluffybeginner wrote:
Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it.

Yeah I know I deserved the scolding and put my trust in the wrong people tbh.

Went back to the pharmacy today and they don’t have enough sustanon BUT do have Cyprinate in 10ml vials. Thinking of bying that instead?

Can that work?

Really appreciate the advice and help! You are a life saver for us newbies![/quote]

How much sust do they have?

There is a small amount of prop in there which will help keep you stable. Cyp is a long ester and will have your levels pretty messed up since you are almost out. I’d get a Sust and a Cyp I guess. The Cyp will take roughly two weeks to stabilize. I’d run the Sust as we spoke about immediately and in-between your Sust pins in a couple of days start on the Cyp. 2 weeks later stop with the Sust and make the complete switch. If I knew the concentration of the Cyp I could work out the math fairly accurately to keep you fairly stable.

From the OP I’m assuming the Sustanon is 100mg/ml. Strange cuz I thought it only came in 250mg/ml.

The cyp is DEFINITELY 100mg/ml.
The sust seems to be 100ml - I know its odd but its straight from a hospital pharmacy so more medical purposes.

Attached pictures of both. Sorry if there is branding not promoting sources just no photoshop to remove the source company.

Here is the CYP:

By the way I forgot to say thank you for all your help! Really appreciate it!
Will definitely be back to the forums to contribute what I learned from this experience -


Hey man,

The sust is 100mg/ml at 10$ a shot. I could get a couple if needed - how many would I need?

The cyp is 100mg/ml. Will get the 10ml vial.

Also have about 0.5-0.75 ml left of prop. Pinning tomorrow. What should I do?

Get 4 Sust. Pin 1 amp days 1,2,4,6

Pin your cyp EOD like you were with the prop. This won’t be perfect but it will keep you reasonably level. I’d actually pin 2ml of the Cyp day 1 if it were me but that’s a lot of oil if you’ve never done more than 1ml. It would be 3 total with the sust?

Thank you will do that.
Sorry just saw the reply now so pinned 1ml CYP and 0.5ml PROP for today but will try get my hands on sust for the other days now.
The cyp didn’t hurt at all… compared to prop.

Yeah, prop will almost have some PIP. Cyp is nothing in comparison. Tomorrow will be fine. You had some prop left and used that up. Which you should’ve done anyway.

Thanks for all the advice man. Appreciate it.

The sust is only sust 100 and quite expensive as they sell it by the 1ml. If I don’t get it and just run the cyp now would that be alright?

I would still get it. It is what is going to keep your test level stable. The cyp won’t “kick in” for about a week or so. You need the short esters in the Sust to bridge the gap. At least get two and use 1 EOD. I’d also pin the Cyp again tomorrow to get more into your system quickly. You should do some reading about half lives. What that means and how the drugs are absorbed.

Thanks man really appreciate it!

Pinned 1 amp SUST and 1ml CYP today after a big back and legs gym session.
The cyp is fine causes no discomfort, but can feel the SUST guessing from the prop.

Thanks for all your advice going to write up a journal blog of my first cycle experience for anyone whose interested in how NOT to run a cycle but how to fix one gone wrong.

So Thursday I will pin SUST 1amp and CYP 1ml again.

From next week I will pin CYP 2ml Monday and Thursday correct? Next week is Week 6, so until Week 12 then run PCT.

Just stick to 1ml. If I was going to do 2ml’s it would’ve been day one with the sust.

Hey guys,

So finished week 6 of my cycle and week 2 on Cypriotante.

Not really feeling anything yet nothing like prop. Not sure if u was expecting too much from it too soon or if 1ml twice a week is enough?

Wanted to ask two questions is my dosing ok?

How long should I run the cycle for? 8 weeks was original plan for prop but now on cyp would mean 4 prop and 4 cyp. Or 12 weeks which would be 4prop and 8 cyp?

Run it to 12