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Out of Test Mid Cycle. Only Have Tren A


i was on test e 500mg for 10 weeks.. currently on week 5

my other vial broke when i dropped it few days ago and my guy can only get tren atm.

i am looking every where for another vial of test with no luck so far..

my options

  1. start PCT

  2. get lucky and manage to find a new source for test in the next few days

  3. get on tren A only for another 4-5 weeks

what are your thoughts on my options ?

and risks for running tren only ?

i am fuking pissed off.. my test didnt even peak yet/kicked in fully and i gained almost nothing but strength i could acquire naturally.


LOL tren without test is like ketchup without tomatoes.


Get some HCG or dbol.

Easier to get than test.

Run with the tren.

Other than that. PCT. Tren only sucks.

Tren only is a waste and makes you feel like shit.


Try to get another vial of Test, if not, start PCT.

You should not do Tren without Test.



hCG or dbol can replace test here.


how will my gains be like from 5 weeks of tren and HCG ? or tren and dbol ?

what dosage tren and how much dbol ?

i can get HCG easy..


Better with dbol than just HCG, obviously best with both.

With HCG you really are pretty much limited to what your body can make on its own, which is not much more than maybe 50mg of test a week.

50mg/day dbol is usually what most consider the max effective dosage without hitting alot of diminishing returns, I tend to agree.

With tren, 200mg/week is considered a minimum by many. 400 is moderate. 750-800 is tops.

5 weeks of tren ace and dbol will be decent especially if the doses are pretty high. Short ester and an oral will have pretty immediate effects.

But remember there is a maximum of tissue your body can synthesize in 5 weeks, its not a particularly long amount of time for a cycle.

Decent gains from 400mg tren/week and 50 mg/day dbol. Id run it. I wouldent consider it a waste especially considering you have already shut yourself down from the weeks of test.


Check your PM bro!


How the fuck did you manage to break your vial! Did you take a swing at it with the sword of godric gryffindor? The vials i've had are pretty durable :confused: