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Out of shape newby...

I have never been one to exercise very much because I was super skinny (150 Lbs at 5’ 10"). I wanted to change things in my life about 2 years ago. I quit smoking. Within 4 months I was up to 215 lbs!! Appetite didn’t change but the doc said that at my age (I was almost 30) my body was naturally changing and quitting smoking made it happen more drastically.
Anyhow, I own no weights as of yet. But was wondering where I may be able to find info on how a person like me of 30 years old and out of shape (but FINALLY have some mass to my arms, legs and shoulders) can begin exercising at a medium pace without weights. What are some good exercises for someone without weights?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks from The Spare Tire…

well you should try jogging for you legs,do squats with out weights do two sets of 50 but if you cant do that do two sets of 25.for your chest,back,neck,arms go buy some push up stands.trust me they worked for me.but you must change your diet.in order to get in shape and stay that way you have to change your diet.then when that works and you get in shape hit the gym k.thats what i did and i’m cut and built.so it’ll work for you.you can get push up stands at sears.SO GO OUT THERE AND TRY IT!by the way do 4 sets of 15 on the push up stands k.GOOD LUCK my friend.

Chris; “The Beginner’s Blast Off Program” would be a GREAT start! (It can be found on this site).

You can start with just your bodyweight, and concentrate on from. As you progress…get a broom stick…some gallon milk jugs with varying amounts of sand in them…books…ANYTHING that will provide RESISTANCE…some used weights, (if money is tight) from one of those used equipment outlets…basic calesthenics/running/biking for cardio…all these things will work well when money is tight.

Hope this helps!

Look in the FAQ for what you need & join a gym. I think most will think you should diet off the flab because if you try to gain weight you’ll just get more fat.

awesome routine is pushups, body squats, situps, sprints, find a place to do pullups. go to the local park. The gym is a place of conviniance really. what is your body fat level. it seems like you need to drop it a lot. that should be your number one goal. watch your diet and train hard. you are not old at all. I expect to be in better shape 4 1/2 years from now, that’s God willing when i will be 30. laters pk

Give combat conditioning by Matt Furey a try,it uses no weights just body weight. You can find info on it in the FAQ section. good luck.

Join a gym and ask for a personal trainer if you have no idea how to start exercising. There are many strength exercises you can do that use only your own body weight. They will not build mass, however, but may start you on the road to physical conditioning–things such as ab work, push ups, running, skipping rope, boxing, etc. Once you get into some kind of shape you will soon realize that mass can only be built with weights and diet in combination. If you join a gym, or get a membership somewhere, you will not have to buy your own weights, but can use the equipment they provide.
P.S. You might also read some of the articles on t-mag about lifestyle, etc.–just to get you going.

hmm excercise without weights? no problem! just swing your arms around, then move your legs, jump up and down a few times. Repeat till you get the wanted results.

Last June I was where you are only worse. 45 years old, 6’5" and a 305 pound bag of flabby puss. I started reading T-Mag a year before and did nothing but observe. I started with MD6 and walking for twenty minutes in the AM on an empty stomach. At first I did little with my diet. Within a month I had lost 10 pounds. Once I started seeing results I graduated to Tribex 500 and protein powder, bought a Weider weight set with a bench, leg curl/extension and lat pull down with 250 lbs. of weight for a hundred bucks at a yard sale.

Everything I know about diet and training that worked I learned from T-Mag. I’ve lost 60 pounds and now I buy XXL T-shirts not to hide my gut, but because my sleeves and shoulders need the room. Keep it simple. Lose the fat. Read the “Diet Manifesto”. Read “Fat to Fire” and worry about the muscle building later when the fat is gone.