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Out of Pocket Hormone Test Costs

I want to have my E2 tested, because my doctor outright refused to test it. He said he “has no idea how to even order that test.” This doctor was actually a referral because he “specializes” in the symptoms I was having, but obviously he is dangerously clueless. I was able to get FT, TT, a thyroid panel, glucose, and anemia screening.

After a few months of waiting to see the doctor, and then months of them bumbling around, I’m just sick of wasting time, so I plan on finishing out the tests I should have been given by my doctor, and then self medicating. I saw that LEF.org has a basic male blood panel that includes E2, but it is $400 for non-members, and $269 for members. I’d rather not spend that if I can just get the E2 alone elsewhere. Quest labs has an E2 test, but there is no mention of cost on their menu of services.

Do any of you have an idea of what kind of damage I’m looking at for an out of pocket E2 test?

Here is the E2 test. $44 for non-members.

[quote]Caged wrote:
Here is the E2 test. $44 for non-members.

That is a lot better than the hundreds of dollars I’ve been seeing from some vendors.