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Out of Kilter

The great man suggests (in part 2) that if you have lower back pain at higher than level 3 (as defined in part 1), you should stop ALL training and exercise until fully recovered. He also argues that if you’ve had backpain for three years, it will take probably 18 months to recover. I can’t give up training for 18 months!

I’ve been dealing with my back pain for about a month, since it only recently became serious. A trauma that revealed underlying chronic problems, as the jargon might have it… Yeah, I know, I should have dealt with it earlier, but if you can squat and deadlift fine, you don’t think you have a “weak” core.

I’ve been seeing a well qualified physiotherapist and doing my pilates exercises every day. But she assured me that I could continue to do other sports so long as they didnt cause obvious pain. So I’ve been continuing on an abbreviated program of leg press, pullups, and bench-press, along with other recreational sports from time to time.

Obviously, I’ve not been training my lower back, except with hardly strenuous therapy stuff. No deadlifts, or SLDs, or even squats. I can see my hard-earned mass melting away before my eyes.

Must I drop even leg press, or chins, because my back will be slightly involved? Is this going to hinder my recovery?

On a side note, my mild back pain went away years ago when I started performing various deadlifts. That was great. Then a tackle injury damaged my back, and I’ve had problems again since then. I would love to try SLDs again, to see if that works - but having read Out of Kilter, that sounds like the worst thing I could do.

Any advice would be gladly received.

Hows your Psoas? Is someone doing direct massage or ART on it? That could help. But unless I see you in person and get an diagonsis from a Doctor, I can’t help you any more.