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Out of Date Steroids

a friend of mine is now paralysed so he gave me his old gear from past bodybuilding years (3X deca + 4X test e)

Most have expiry date of 2018 and 1 test of 2015
Would any of this still be safe to use or am I better off throwing it away and buying all new?

Any advice woukd be greatly appreciated


If they were stored out of the light and sealed, then they’re probably fine. The compounds lose potency over time, so for example, after a few years it could have dropped from 200mg/ml to 180mg/ml or so.

If they are UGL then I would be more inclined to just buy new, but not for any particularly good reason except for my own mental barrier of it possibly festering with bacteria, lol.

The deca should be fine, the test is pushing it. Frankly test is so cheap that it’s hardly worth the risk. Sorry about your friend, man.

Agree .
The 1 test that expired at 2015 would i personal not use.

I have tried gear there was outdated, with around 1 year and it all worked very well.

2 years should be okey but wouldnt go much further.