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Out of Date Gear, Use or Not?

Helloo all I have been away for some time, I dont recognise many of the names posting here so I hope most of the old skool geezers ar still around, especially bushy who I have been keeping track of, his hearing is in a few weeks right?


I have a lot of Norma tes E, went oyt of date Aug 2008, should I use it or not?

I am guessing it will be OK as long as I don’t leave it much longer?

It should be ok, but you should use it ASAP for best effect.

I think it’s good for another 3-6 months. Maybe even a couple more years! As long as it’s been stored in a cool, dry place and kept sealed & unopened.

The worst I think that could happen with expired gear would be that the esters have broken down, so it loses potency.

Or, if the esters had broken down completely, many years past the expiry date, you’d be injecting inactive oil into your body, which won’t do you any harm. As far as I know, hormones do not break down into anything toxic.

However at this early stage past expiry date it should be right to use.

Anyone care to differ?

EE yeah it should be fine. It was Bushy who is best known for bringing to around the deterioration period. I wanna say its something like 5% potentcy per year or something. Bottom line is your test especially human grade should still be at least 90% potent and ok to use

As long you didnt have it sitting out in direct sunlight or the product was somehow able to freeze/thaw multiple times I wouldnt hesitate at all to use it.

As was said the potency may have very slightly decreased. Get it in you already.

EALES! where ya been fella?

and yep - get it banged in yer…

Eales… long time no see…
Agreed, should be no problem at all. Nothing can go wrong as long as it’s sterile.
Absolute worst case scenario you inject and nothing happens… Ha But I am sure it will be fine bro.

Electic_E? I seem to remember some prat by that name ages ago. ;-)))

Welcome back mate. Get yerself pinned.

Thanks a lot fellas, advice taken, damn this Norma eth is thick shit!

Firs injection I didnt have the pin on real tight, the pressure forced the syringe and pin apart leaving the pin in my arm and the the syringe shot 2ml of oil all over me!

Anyways I doubt I will be posting much I am silly busy nowadays, but its geat to see all you guys still around.

I will b doing a

Test E 750mg a week (first cycle NOT using sustanon)
Winstrol 50mg a day (just becuase I have a load to use up)
and HGh 4ui a day cycle for 10 weeks,


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