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Out of Breath on Dbol?


Have any of you guys noticed that you get winded far quicker while on dbol? I've been on for about a week now, and I'm done after three flights of stairs.


i think its cuz of the weight gain...i start getting winded whenever i bulk. cardios wassup


It's a stretch but i'd get your blood pressure checked. I think your taking a ton of stuff aren't you. Weren't you on Drol for a while, talked about test...idk.

I've never taken Dbol so I'm not sure.

I'd still check the blood pressure if I was you. Do you get headaches as well?



"due to its mode of action, it decreases the rate of cell respiration and decreases production of red blood cells..."
this is on my spreadsheet of steroid info that i actually trust meaning i got it from an accred. source but i dont have the citation = / saved.


I have never had a problem, possibly your BP like gerdy said.


Ive had issues with cardio/respiratory endurance on dbol and similar compounds before.

Its pretty standard.

When Im on cycle my sprint speed actually increases, which makes perfect sense, but I cant run much farther than a mile at a decent pace before Im winded.


When I'm on cycle I have to at all costs get in at least 10-15 min cardio after the session to help my heart. Without it I get winded during the day.


I feel more breathless on test mainly.


sweet thanks for the info man.

I was briefly on test/tren/winny and felt gassed during workouts and I've been told that tren is the case for that...then test/mast/winny and felt fine...now halo/mast/winny and still feel fine.

Being tren is the only differing class of steroid in there would the class of steroid play a role in cardio/resp. endurance?



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well for tren i believe the restriction is brought about more due to inhibited breathing caused by an acute increase is PG production (see link below)


Dbol on the other hand; either decreases the ability to remove waste from the cell (probable) or decreases the effectiveness of creating ATP from biochemical energy. I feel if the latter was the case bol would have much more noticable energy sides. (I have never taken it so the who the hell am i lol)


Right on man, thanks for all the good info!

lol yea thanks everybody. Way I see it is I got a good 30-40lbs of stage muscle before I'm even competing for a pro card...but I also believe I can get there in 3-4 years hopefully :smiley:

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well, not a ton of stuff - just test e and dbol right now. was running drol as a kickstart but I think my gear was fake so dropped it. Haven't really been getting headaches, but did get a random nosebleed the other day. I've been getting incredible pumps lately. After my 3rd set of bis today I could barely move my arms!


I know some have gotten nosebleeds from Drol. Dbol may be a culprit as well.

I'd go with what egn... said and I'd also get your blood pressure checked. Frequent nosebleeds can be a sign of high bp.

It could also be that your body is growing and holding more 'weight' whether that be water/muscle etc. And your just not as spunky. lol!



db causes your bp to rise. The smart thing to do befor going on any cycle of roids is to get your bp measured or a full body index calculation. Complete your cycle then go for the saze check up you will notice that your bp will have raised abit and ur body fat index would have most likely increased. it is a very cautious approch. But can be very handy and can help you see better results