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out of breath during squats

Its like when I’m doing squats I reach cardiovascular failure before I reach a muscular failure. Do I jump onto a shenanigan treadmill? or perhaps its overtraining? or maybe I need more carbs? help… whimper

If you’re doing over 8 reps, put on more weight. Also, make sure you’re breathing right. Read the “Squat 900 Pounds” article for details.

Definately make sure you are breathing right— exhalin on the way up… i had that problem for a while

I agree. tell us a little about your rep structure. Perhaps a few (8)weeks focus on increasing your work capacity?? 10 rep max weight, do sets of 5 for 5 sets, add 1 set a workout, when you are successful, step back in volume to 6, but add weight. 3x per week. what are you currently doing to resolve it?

Oh, me too! Sometimes I can’t hear for a couple minutes after a hard set, the ringing is so bad. And I cannot imagine how people could do those 20 rep sets. What I’m doing (which is by no means scientific) is keeping my rep-range under ten. Usually around six. And I’m doing some morning cardio trying to improve the cardiovascular system.

my rep range looked like this get to 10 reps increase weight then it would be around 6-8 reps. I was steadily progressing thru this untill some knee pain happened. So I deceided I was going to work on my form, so I dropped the weight a bit, which at several weeks ago I could do 10 at. Well all of a sudden I’m out of breath at the 8th rep (this was yesterday). The 2nd set with the same weight (after about 2 or more minutes rest) I was tanking at the 8th rep. So I went? wtf? figuring out what to do about this now… I know squats take a lot out of you, but I don’t remmember being this damn tired since I started. And then I would tank out at the 6th rep dur to musclular failure. gah… thanks for the help