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Out of 531 for Sometime


Hi Jim,
Hoping for some advice since you've dealt with this issue.

I'm going in for shoulder surgery for my other shoulder in two weeks (both have/had muscle tore off the bone). First shoulder (right) was done 3 months ago, still healing. When I was able, I worked up from light to heavy kettle-bells in my good hand and did single leg workouts; step ups, band split squats, single RDL's etc. to train and try and keep what strength I can.

Now since my left shoulder will be worked on and my right will start light weight rehab after my left's surgery (my PT schedule), I have no arm left that can handle a 60lb or higher kettle bell for strength training.

All I can come up with is doing bodyweight single work and sled dragging. Thinking about the prowler challenge from beyond but instead using a sled strapped to my waist.

Any advice/ suggestions? possibly a sled program or other lower body program you can think of that will get me by and keep me sane while I'm limited?

Thank you!


Going in for surgery tomorrow to get that muscle reattached.
I think the prowler challenge using a sled strapped to my waist is the way to go


Surgery went well. ready to do the challenge.

Jim did you do prowler sled during your surgery recovery? would you advise dropping the challenge weights since I'm doing this so close after surgery? I believe my main concern is to not tense my upperbody at all during the dragging, try and relax all except glutes and legs. (sled will be strapped to my waist)
Any other training advice for my upcoming recovery welcome!


As always - train what is trainable. See what exercises, movements you can tolerate and have access to: once you do that, set goals, then develop a plan to get there. No one knows what you can or can't do - thus you must go out and find these answers.

Good luck. Be patient.


Thanks Jim, hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now but I will sit and figure out a new set of goals and work from there.

As always, appreciate your time and advice.


I squatted a week after shoulder surgery with the SS bar. I wrote a full article on Tnation detailing every part of my recovery. Check it out.


Yes sir, I read it with the last surgery. I reread just now also, trying to digest the advice in there.

Both supraspinatus were tore off, I tried the SSB on the first shoulder but the bar sits right on that muscle , too painful until the 10th week. I'll keep testing tho with this shoulder. As you say 'train what is trainable', I'll find away.

Your article did make me focus on a good diet!

Thanks again for your advice Jim.