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Out grew my shirts

Now that spring is here, I found out that I’ve outgrown my size large polo shirts in the shoulders (I hate the tightness in the trap & shoulder area). Anyway, extra large is just too bulky in the waist area. Does anyone know of any oversized brand shirts? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. Damn those deadlifts & behind the neck presses!!!

Welcome to the Club,
With sweaters and mosts shirts that will shrink if improperly washed, this is exactly what I do.
I dip them in very hot water to a line just below my ribcage and lats (This is the area that I want to shrink). Let them cook fo about a mintue, then toss them in the dyer on high. It some times takes two or three tries, but it will reduce that extra material.

My dress shirt are “custom” made at the custom shirt shop in New York, about $60 a pop.

JC Penny’s sells shirts with an athletic cut (drop of eight inches [drop is the different between waist and chest measurements]).

Best of Luck.