Oura Ring. Your Thoughts or Experiences?

Has anyone on this site used the oura ring? Any good, what’s your thoughts?

Its expensive but basically its a 200£ ish fitbit that is a ring instead of a watch. Tracks your HR and sleep etc by the looks of it.

I’m interested but don’t know if i want to shell out the high price!

After doing a little bit of research into it , it seems the common trend is that a whoop strap and an apple watch track physical activity a little better than the oura ring

And that all 3 products are sub par for tracking true sleep quality.

I do like the idea mind of hopefully in future iterations having a wearable ring that can do what the apple watch 6 can do plus more!

old threat but I have been using the ring for a couple of weeks now. Like it a lot, think its more convenient than smartwatches. excellent step and sleep / heartrate / temp / etc tracking.

what have you been using?

I love my Oura and wear it every day. But you should have the right expectations: this is, first and foremost a SLEEP tracker. I’ve found it very good and accurate at that. For activity tracking, it wouldn’t be my first, second, or even third choice (Whoop either, hearing about the horrible inaccuracies). The ring picks up scratches over time but not too bad. I lift a ton of weights (hehe) and never do that wearing the ring. It is NOT an activity tracker! Doesn’t even track HR when you are not asleep.

@otterfog - cheers for the heads up! i dont need to wear a ring to remind me im not sleeping enough :slight_smile: !!!