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Our Next NY Governor


I don't know, I was watching the debate last night and he does make a good point. His delivery is also, for lack of a better word. Perfect.



No one? Come on this guy is gold!



Sorry, V, can't watch it at work. :frowning:

I am pretty giddy with anticipation, though.


Ok well to give you a little more anticipation, he is running under the "Rent is too damn high" party.



You shouldn't have let out that little teaser, now I can barely keep it in my pants.


I just can't believe no one else is making a comment on this. I guess everyone is too busy for PWI, I knew I should have posted it in GAL.



Great post, I was going to post this, but I did not know if it was worthy being as some on here think only ground breaking, mind blowing news should be posted. Anyway, it is sad that some will actually take that guy serious. What is up with those gloves. I think we should found OJ's accomplice.


Everyone should vote for this man, if nothing else for his epic facial hair. The sideburns flowing seamlessly into his mustache. And his goatee is parted to form a white, billowy buttocks.


epic facial hair indeed

but before voting you should consider this :
i have known two men with similar facial hair.
both were freemasons.


But consider this:

A free mason would know when rents are too damn high.


I actually lol'd so hard... He MUST have rehearsed that. Samuel L. Jackson couldn't pull off half that conviction haah.

Oh and +1 for the facial hair.


How do we improve the schools? Lower the rent.

How do we get the economy back up and running nice nice? Lower the rent.

How do we drop crime rates? Lower the rent.

How do we transition from fossil fules to more renewable and green energy? Lower the rent.

How do we reduce or eliminate corruption in governemnt? Lower the rent.

Consistant, Clear, Easy to understand. Whats not to like. I mean I own a home and have a tenant, so under his plan I would need to lower my tenants rent but I'm STILL on board.



Great video. I would have loved to see Paladino's reaction. Isn't he a slumlord?


Hey everyone, I have a question I was hoping someone can answer for me? How in the hell are we going to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill?



By lowering the rent of course.





Interstellar Travel?





Pic somewhat related.



Ok how about this one?

Rent is too low?



Nice try Vegita. But the answer is still lower the damn rent.