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I am amazed at how many Americans can support the idea of a draft knowing damn well that it is nothing more than SLAVERY.



cannot find the article.


maybe this one?


My mistake:



Or responsibility.

It is not slavery.

You and Orion need to get a clue.

It isn't slavery just because you have to do something you don't want to do.

The Spoiled Child Syndrome in action.


It sounds closer to slavery or incarceration than anything else.

The Land of Freedom and Liberty... except for 2 years during which we'll own your ass. Don't worry, most don't get KIA and go on to lead succesful lives.

Anyway, I never heard a single US general talk about reinstituting the draft as a good thing. Is their claim that an all-volunteer army is the best just lip service?


They probably mean it as a hyperbole.


In Germany, you can serve the country doing jobs like wiping the asses of dried up geezers or somesuch instead of shooting. You can choose wether to serve your country with a rifle or a pair of diapers.
Less dangerous slavery.
Honestly, for me it's a slavery I can more or less live with.


Here...let me help you fix your mistake:

...except for those two years in which you will do something to repay those that have come before you to ensure you live in the Land of Freedom and Liberty. Don't worry, we'll pay you while you are here, train you, and when your time is up, you don't have to worry so much about getting a student loan to pay for college.


You do not get to collect what is owed to Washington or Jefferson, neither does a slimeball in Washington.

The whole idea is that you are endowed by your creator with the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not that these are privileges you have to pay for.

In fact, if a government cannot garantue those it has no right to exist, so the government has a constant debt, not a citizen.


Good to go


What do you call forced servitude? Well, at least they get paid well.


We've been there and done that. There is a reason why shit-bag soldiers get put into the mess-and-maintenance platoons (code for cooks and janitors). If you force conscription you turn the entire services into mess-and-maintenance minded individuals.

When the market for just war exists servitude will voluntarily happen on its own.

If going to war has to be forced on individuals then maybe we shouldn't be fighting them in the first place...


No one is talking about going to war. In fact - I would submit that service requirements, sans deferments, would greatly reduce our propensity for going to war at all.

Hey - I could be wrong. But there's been some pretty decent discussion about the subject on here today.

And I might have even irritated Orion. It's been a good day.


Gee, that's all very nice, but even if you include a twice-daily blowjob, it's still against my will.

I can get paid and trained quite well on my own, thank you; and I'll deal with my own student debt too.

How's that for deal?

As for repaying those that came before, I'd be curious to know how many went to war in the hope that their kids, grandkids and all future generation would never have to.

You already have the best army in History, and it's an all-volunteer force. Why are you so gung-ho in diluting it with people who don't want to be there?


You are half right. Service as a good citizen, whether political, military, or any variety of public service IS a responsibility. We owe a debt to those before us that cannot possibly be repaid. After five years service and two wars I still struggle with the feeling that I haven't done enough.

Our freedom comes from our blood and our sweat. We SHOULD be free on account of natural rights, but unfortunately it takes steel to defend it. But any society that refuses to volunteer to defend itself is not worthy of continued existence. I have a responsibility to my parents. They raised and nurtured me for 18 long years. If I fail to support my parents in their old age, do you advocate that the local sheriff comes to my house at forces me to work more hours to feed them? Should I be required by law to call my mother twice a week? So which responsibilities should I be jailed for failing and which ones should I not be?

While public service is a responsibility, isn't me going to work and paying taxes a public service? Assuming that an income tax isn't slavery as well, isn't going to my shit job which I don't want to do, and having a sizable portion of it go toward running the government a form of service? How much service to the government is enough? By drafting people into any service, you are forcibly making them labor for goals they otherwise would not. This is common sense. To deny that the draft is a form of slavery is to deny the sky is blue.




I'd sign up in a second if I felt that doing so was the only way to preserve the life and liberty of my family, my community and my country.

But be forced into service and then sent into ridiculous enterprises like Afghanistan and Iraq? Or to go plod around in Darfur in dead-end peacekeeping missions? I don't think so.

Not to mention that to pay for all that unnecessary "service," you'd get even more taxes imposed on the population.

Fuck that shit.


Other than military service, what other kinds of public service would you advocate being drafted into?



Any government owned/operated endeavor. Parks, highways, forestry, the list is endless since the gov't has their mitts on everything.


No, no, and no! You really don't get it max.

You see...the anti-patriotic terrorist-sympathizers that are the liberal media twist the news. They paint a rosy picture where real threats to your way of life exist. Check for yourself and open a paper from 2002/2003. They kept repeating how Saddam didn't have WMDs, and was it not for Bush's qualities of leadership, the hundreds of long-range nuclear missiles would have not been unearthed.

You should praise the lord that your president protected you and you way of life from the dictator that wanted to make you submit to his rule. Plans were found where Saddam details the plan of taking down Washington with those missiles, then sent his infamous Iraqi army of ninja-pirates in three-masted barques. Those masters of swordsmanship are so effective that they were expected to finish the job in a matter of weeks.

Trusting the "market" is suicidal when you have pussies controlling of the media and telling the people to surrender. Your only chance of survival is to follow your president. Remember, every time you question Bush or Cheney's common sense, a puppy dies.

Freedom has a price!