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Our New Training Videos

Heres our new training videos for the chinese army

deep squats and GHR with bands, 4 chains, and a plate.

my man maynard dicks got the PR he was aiming for in 8 weeks after he stepped on my toes.

My grandma can squat that weight

That was a GHR?

Haha, I think they were joking around with the GHR.

there will much hate in this thread.


Shit man, you’re right.

I feel like this is slowly becoming bodybuilding.com or something with all the punk-ass haters.

Is that you doing the front squats tigerak02? What is that 225lb at a bodyweight of 140? That’s damn impressive.

Frank, looking strong and explosive. What’s the weight on the back squat there?

Also, you ever consider doing incline GHRs so you don’t have to hold as much shit? Just stick an aerobic step under the back of the GHR and it makes them quite a bit harder.

Also, I couldn’t really tell from the camera angle, but what’s the finishing position of your knees on the pad? Usually they should be almost falling down.

Good shit, guys.


[quote]tigerak02 wrote:
there will much hate in this thread.



No that wasn’t me, I was on the side screaming “one more!!!”

I was in the other vid holding the basketball.