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Our New 7 Billion Dollar Warship


Because in a collapsing economy, what's ANOTHER 7 Billion
Dollars anyway?
Shit, our Government probably spent that much already as you were reading
this post, and IDK about you but knowing this ugly assed thing is gonna
prowl the oceans is gonna make me sleep a little better tonight dammit!


The government spends 410 million dollars an hour. As outrageously priced as that thing is, it still costs less than one day's spending. it is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of the "budget" we have.


Doesn't that mean the sequester cut about 9 days of spending ?


It would have only cost 1 billion if it weren't for those $500.00 HAMMERS!



That artist rendering looks like a Civil War Ironclad in the water!



Here's a better view of it from above.


I read $7B is for the base model. The one that floats costs $11B.


Something about that. They'll make up for lost time, I'm sure. That figure was using 2012's numbers.


Ahahahaha....It's about time we got lasers in space already.


On another note, think about how many people were employed designing and building that bitch.


And that actually got paid to WORK...


25 billion$ for shutting down the Gov. And http://www.buzzfeed.com/johnstanton/shutdown-deal-includes-nearly-3-billion-for-kentucky-dam-pro


The Navy originally planned on making 20 of these sumbitches. Still plan on making another two.


Crazy amount of people. I worked at the Newport News Shipbuilding yard at the start of the construction of the Ronald Reagan (aircraft carrier).

Undertakings like those are huge.


If you had any idea what is beneath the sand dunes of Huntington Beach, you might fall over.


It's going to get Rail Guns.

And Laser Beams.



Shit that's awesome!


Yeah and the crew looks really competent too, That nerd on the left is still trying to understand
the instruction manual before he learns that it was actually written in Mandarin TRANSLATED
into English.
"Pull on forward steering back to go front you very fast".


The US is a maritime nation. We need access to the seas to trade with the rest of the world and to defend our allies. So we need to build warships. If you want something state of the art that can keep up with evolving technology it is going to cost.

As important as it is to have these advanced systems it's even more important to have the ability to produce them. To do that you need a specialized workforce. A warship is not built the same way as a cruise ship. If we don't keep our warship builders employed, they will go out of business and their workforce get dispersed. To give up that capability, then try to reconstitute it would cost a lot more money.


And imagine how many more jobs could have been created with that kind of money? Infrastructure repair anyone? What was the net loss of jobs because of what this money was spent on?