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Our Flag

If you’re from outside of the US, it might not mean as much, but please indulge me…

It means alot, and for those of us who wore it on our sleeves it means a whole hell of a lot even if it is while helping other.
Am proud to have served for my country and.

I’ll endulge you.

You know the place where I got the best post 9/11 pictures and such was from a guy living in britain. He plans on moving here, but his paperwork has been tied up in crap since 9/11 (much harder to get permanent work visas now).

Yet he continues to send all sorts of good pro-usa things.

Tell your friend to just go to Mexico, walk into California and get a drivers license. Then he’ll be set.

Thank you Gov. Davis.

Not that I live in Cali, but that just doesn’t seem like the brightest thing to do, IMHO

lol beowulf67. Yeah the illegal method is possible, but you do recall he is planning on moving here for life, and wants to own a house/business/retire and all that.

He plans on opening up a franchise business, which really makes the legal paperwork required. At least since he isn’t drug connected and doesnt have the coin to buy fake docs…

Paperwork? We don’t need no stinkin’ paperwork!

Man, we’ve got some fine Mexican restaurants around here, and most of the folks working there are not exactly filing paperwork regularly. I think they just see being deported as a free vacation, and a chance to visit the family back home for awhile, then they head back here.

Not that I blame anyone for wanting to come to America, but we really need to tighten up security on our borders or we are going to have some major problems.

Beowulfe, yeah that is for workers. My buddy wants to be an owner, not a worker.

I agree on the illegals deal. Many industries need them, but the openness of border isnt the greatest.

On the other hand most terrorist types come into our country “legally” through student visa’s anyway, they dont wander through the desert, pile into trucks or run through road gates like the mexicans.

So your friend wants to come here, legally, comply with all our laws, start a business and contribute to our economy?
Well, we sure need to nip that in the bud, don’t we. Next thing you know, he’ll become a citizen and start voting for tax cuts! Then he won’t be dependent on our welfare system.

Yeah, boy, I’m sure glad the INS is keeping us safe from radicals like him.

(Sorry if any of that dripping sarcasm splattered you)

Why is it that the system seems to work the hardest to keep out the people that would contribute the most?

I proudly serve this country, for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Those who gave their lives, in order for Americans to burn their country’s flags. I serve for those who sacrificed their lives, so that Americans can say America is an evil empire. I serve for those who sacrificed their lives, in order that their families know I am grateful to them for having a fine true American!!!

airborne cadet:
Very well said.
Thank you for your service to our country.