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Our First Post


This week is my 5th anniversary on this lovely site and thought it would be neat to post our first post since this site keeps ALL of your posts!

This is mine, from January 2006, in a thread about High/Low intensity cardio:

"When one mixes days of high intensity and low intensity(longer duration) how do you know how much each one is contributing to you r final fat loss? What if the low intensity wasn't necessary at all?"


Turns out I still believed in a God when I joined the site.



^^ whoa, I can see why you didn't copy and paste your post...20 plus pages.

And I like how the OP there did the old "Evolution is just a THEORY" bit. Ugh. It seems like some people don't know that the word theory seems to have two meanings, and he was using it as the one that means a hypothesis.


Yeah, I steer clear of those debates now, they just go round in circles.


How do you find your first post?

EDIT: Never mind.


Well? What was it?

(waitaminute): Whoa! I never noticed you joined in only 2008!!! You 'feel' like a 2005er or maybe 2004er.


Just wanted to thank you for reminding me how ignorant I was when I started here.

My first post:
For some reason my "olympic" bar is 55lbs? Figured it out when I couldn't lift a weight that I normally could at the gym, got to counting plates and sure enough, I'm either 10lbs short of 310 or my bar weighs 55lbs.


SHHHH! Don't tell anyone! I may drop a few notches on the "RESPECT COUNTER" if that gets out!

My first post was under my OLD screen name (ghey indeed) "Love2Lift". LOL

I replied in a Scott Abel article discussion about sodium consumption. Crew Pierce called me a hippie and told me to get a haircut.





According to my research:

"That's a nasty looking hamstring injury. Looks like the time my brother got stomped by a bull, and he wound up needing surgery."



My first post here (way back in 2005 and under a different sn) was asking how to get hyoooge arms.

6 years later and I still want hyoooge arms.

First post on this sn:



<--- no idea how to find first post



Haha, you started out in the same thread as me.


This is too funny, but it only dates to 2005 and I've been a member since at least 2002. Here it is, my reply to a first-person article/review of Alpha Male:

I don't usually post but it occurred to me after reading this that you guys, dare I say it, are stooping to some pretty pedestrian marketing attempts to push a product. This is both insult and back-handled compliment because I've grown accustomed to a higher level of truth in these pages...you know, the "dangerously hardcore" bit. But this was a "puff piece" if I've ever read one. I won't nit pick; I'll just point out the most obvious; First, this guy doesn't give his age. No workout stats. On the very pages where a workout log is a dogmatic command (that should be followed), the article contains nothing tangible about the quality of the workout in terms of weight/volume moved etc. Nothing about bodyfat. In sum, nothing of SUBSTANCE. And lastly, I'd come to expect blood work from someone "test driving" a supplement alleged to have a positive effect on T. Sorry guys, you're slipping and on this one, it's very noticable.

Please do us all a favor; enough with the puff and dribble - and I'm not bashing this guy - its not his fault. But please give us some substance. And by the way, I'll put my "mouth where my keypad is". I'm a 40 year old competive powerlifter with decent drug free stats and I'm not a newbie. Let ME test drive the product for free and subsidize my blood work and I'll give you an article with the hardcore truth...numbers, etc. Now that would be useful; I won't dare suggest the product doesn't work, but if it does indeed work, wouldn't you want to provide a bit more tangible and objective evidence.

I won't belabor it, but the whole darn article was about "feeling" this or that. C'mon guys, I've grown to expect more from this organization/company. Consider my offer.


I managed to piss off Prof X within the first three posts.


I remember that that avatar!


I posted a pic of someone picking their nose.


ID you could have let somebody say how. I dont know myself.


Go on your hub, then click "forums" on the top menu and go to the last page.


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