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Our Department Is Being Defunded

New mayor… New administration… All of them liberal / leftist psychotics.

An already woefully understaffed and overloaded department just lost 200 man power spots. Calls to defund SWAT, Real Time Crime Center, Shot Spotters, and other resources are being enacted or considered.

45% uptick in homicides (95% black victims of course) compared to last year’s rate; a record high in decades.

Do liberals ever learn ? Minneapolis apparently wasn’t a clear cut example of the results of their utter stupidity and ineptness. That worm mayor of Portland is learning now the hard way.

Of course, it’s a majority of white self loathing libs calling for this lunacy. Sadly, black citizens will suffer the vast majority of the fallout.

Just ranting bros… Totally demoralizing and disconcerting. These pukes destroy everything.

Wow - Hope it works out for you
Either for a new position elsewhere or the stomach to handle the added load.

That lake property might be looking better…


All law enforcement should go on strike…then they will see how important we need law and order


Yes, they will. Major problems in recruitment, funding, and good officers just getting fucking fed up. I am sick of it myself and wonder why I keep doing this job. Getting time to move on from all the liberal crap.

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All? In my town no one talks about defunding the police. We like having resource officers in schools. And many of us have known some of the cops since we, and they, were kids. I would argue that is how most of America is.

This whole defund and abolish the police idea comes from woke elites exercising their privilege to dictate how poor black people in the most violent communities in America will live (or die). Because woke ideology is contradictory, nonsensical, full of incongruities, hypocritical, sophomoric, uneducated (despite coming from universities), racist, etc. In what world does the equation fewer cops = lower crime, make sense?

You know what low IQ and its lack of self-awareness gets you (along with being a sheep)? WNBA players wearing the name of a “man” who was accused of rape (believe her!) and was arrested because he was fighting his accuser who had a protective order against him. Then of course, because he is a low IQ degenerate, he has a knife and tries to get into a vehicle with children in it, after fighting the police, and gets shot. Oh, and he did all of this in front of his children. These proud, independent, strong women put that guy’s name on their shirts? Woke culture’s heroes are all perverts and lowlifes. That tells you something about that culture.

EDIT: I forgot to add that George Floyd did porn. So besides holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during a robbery, he had sex on camera with young girls who most likely came from broken homes and had traumatic childhoods. Great man he was.


Agree with all you said…i was just making a point of how important law and order and if no-one responds to these crimes, then the citizens will finally push back against this wokeness, cancel culture, media and politicians crap

The actual number of people who want to defund the police is small. The problem is the media giving them a voice and the politicians validating it. Since we know politicians love spending other people’s money, the real question is where will the money that was intended for the police budget go? Because this is a money grab, pure and simple. They will create new agencies and programs, that won’t work any better than what they already have, and give jobs to a bunch of friends and family. We’ve seen this before.


I see new mayor and administration. I doubt this wasn’t part of their election platform…How is one to have sympathy for the residents if they knowingly signed up for this?

@marine77 look after yourself, I doubt policing is going to be anything but awful for the next while

@marine77 Are there not droves of applicants with liberal arts degrees and purple hair lining up to show everyone how policing is done?

It seems like we’re only a woke idea or two away from harmony and prosperity for all. How can it be that things have gotten so much worse so fast?

It must be those white supremacists emboldened by Trump.


Because you are dealing with uneducated people who have been conditioned to believe that they are helpless and need the government to save them. When the VP visits an accused rapist and all around low life, what do you expect an ignorant population to think? When a cop shoots someone a split second before she was about to stab someone and Lebron James and people in the media scream racism, white supremacy and they are killing (only) black people, perpetuating and feeding a perpetual sense of victimhood, what do you expect a vulnerable population to believe? They would prefer the false narrative over the truth.

I was watching Bill Maher’s latest episode and one guest, April Ryan (an idiot), mentioned how the police kill black people. Maher jumped in and said he could show her a million (or was it a zillion) videos of cops shooting white people. She simply said that’s true and shut up.

April Ryan, btw, charges 30,000 dollars to speak at an event. That’s not as much as some others but it’s probably more than many ghetto residents make in a year. But she’s in touch with that community.


Mate, that’s really shitty. I can understand your disappointment. These people will never learn, their misguided goodwill will destroy society as we know it. Really depressing.

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Yes, there are.

This is the Chief:


Where’s the pushback is my question. And why do people STILL go to sporting events, watch certain programs, listen to certain artists, etc… That openly spit in their faces, call them racists, blame every societal problem on them… Bizarre. Drives me nuts too.


Twice as many, in fact, yet they can’t name a single one. And they never adjust for crime rates… Only population size.

Bottom line is they have no leg to stand on factually, statistically, data wise, etc…

Im actually in the process of starting a non profit foundation for veterans and 1st responders with PTS and disabilities. One foot out the door. I would suggest you look elsewhere, too. This country is being divided purposely and wholly by the degenerate left.


Ha. Right ? Conveniently they rarely, if ever, face the logical conclusions of their ignorance and stupidity. Instead our black citizens do.

Appreciate it buddy. Its going to get worse. Just very disappointed that no one is going to bat for us or standing up to these unstable whack jobs

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How dare you insult my sister in law like that?! Her noble work of spreading awareness of her progressive virtue have surely improved the lives of countless minorities, as has her campaign work to actually see these policies implemented.

Any day now the quality of life she enjoys in a million dollar West Roxbury home will be spread to everyone else through the magic of leftist Democrat policies.

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Much respect, brother.

Totally agree and the democratic liberal communists have decided the best way to crack open the country is using the police as a stepping stone. This stuff really belongs in the stupid thread, but, also applies here:

During his 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden repeatedly said officers could be trained to shoot suspects in the leg rather than shoot to kill.

In spite of the video showing the woman about to be stabbed, liberal co-host of “The View” Joy Behar wondered why the officer who killed Bryant didn’t “shoot the gun in the air.”

*“He said the cop had no choice … and my feeling is I don’t know if that’s true or not,” Behar said. “I really can’t figure it out anymore … I’ve looked at the tape and I still can’t figure it out. Shoot the gun in the air, warning, tase a person, shoot them in the leg, shoot them in the behind. Stop them somehow. But if the only solution is to kill a teenager, there’s something wrong with this.”

She is as stupid as Biden. Does she think gunfights are static? I hold a Masters rating in USPSA and I would never attempt a leg or ass shot in a dynamic situation. The ignorance of these people is astounding.

I like this one:

"He could have saved her. He could’ve shot her in the leg," Ryan insisted. “He could have de-escalated in a different way. He didn’t even have to use a bullet. He could have done something differently. … It should not be that if there’s a police officer coming to your home, someone dies. There are ways, they are trained to de-escalate. And there are some people who don’t use the Taser.”

And for a final laugh and sorry to hijack your thread:

The “Real Time” host also complained that police were terrible “marksmen” and suggested they should spend more time at the shooting range before using their guns again.

Thank you for your expert analysis based on your many years of law enforcement experience.


“wholly”, really? I mean come on man. That take is just not at all based in reality. To deny that the right has not made efforts to polarize the population is ignorance. I am not denying the left doing so, but I think both are guilty, and both should stop.

I am sorry for your situation. It is stupid. It will make things worse for the black population (or at least that is what previous data predicts).