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I know that first guy, Nicolas Pettas. He was kyokushin then in K-1. I have seen him around. At one point he was healed up then a few months ago I saw him in a cast again. I don’t think he will ever be able to fight again. That was a horrible injury. The Japanese broadcast showed it from several angles. In slow motion too.

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[quote]kligor wrote:


oh man that was fukin nasty@!!gave me sympathy shinsplints!!

boy!! and ouch is an understatement…
and the second, the guy keeps on egging
the guy like he can still fight, no class or sportsmanship. hope these guys
get better and fight again.

As a sadistic son of a bitch, I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I enjoyed watching it.

I met this pumpkin pie-haircutted freak at the gym. He said he was training for some kind of pride parade…he must be a fighter…huh


for some reason I immediately seized my nuts! WTF?

[quote]bloodVeins wrote:
for some reason I immediately seized my nuts! WTF?[/quote]

Yeah man, me too. That was my first reaction when I met him. He said he wanted to show me some Greco-Roman wrestling moves on the mats. I said no and he tried to mount me anyway. I mean…SHEESH…cant a man take a shower without some weirdo wanting to wrestle?!