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This video starts out slow, but then ouch, OMFG, ouch.

Not surprisingly, Sherdog lists this fight as Bullocks first and last pro fight.

That bodyslam looked painful, but I can’t figure out what his injury was. Did he hurt his face, neck, shoulder…?

I knew it was over as soon as I saw him do the splits, with some high kicks. And he starts the match with a flying kick?

I’m just shocked they where paired up. I don’t follow fighting, but isn’t 30 lbs difference a little much? How are the weight classes broken up?

And it look like the landed on his head and neck.

[quote]Panther1015 wrote:
That bodyslam looked painful, but I can’t figure out what his injury was. Did he hurt his face, neck, shoulder…?[/quote]

I’m sure that was a neck injury. I couldn’t stand watching that in slow mow. Wow…I hope he recovered from that.

Bad match up. That’s exactly why they need weight classes. Stiker against grappler. It was over before it started but the weight difference can really mess a guy up. Maybe permently. That was beyond man-handled!

Side note: I liked his kicks and the psycho looks he gave before the fight. Too kewl. Shit like that just doesn’t cut it in the MMA though.

I expected blood. I’ve hit the ground harder than that.


On a side note, anyone else like how the guy just let go and walked away after that. He already knew the match was over.

Damn. That looks so bad.

yeah, Tae-Kwon Do vs. Jiu-Jitsu is almost ALWAYS a one-sided fight. Once he was on the ground, I knew it was over.

even if the weights had been reversed, I think it would’ve ended up about that way.

The guy had some obvious martial arts ability, good flexibilty and kicking skills. Probably had done quite well in point sparring tournaments, maybe even kickboxing, and figured he could take the next step up.


and that my friends is why you should learn both ground skills and standup…I’ll bet Bruce Lee would’ve utilized the eye gouge or bit him.

I googled the wrong guy

Bullock never fought after that, as per the poster above.

Ok. Not to bring the whole Bruce Lee thing up, but he did know some ground skills. But yeah, a solid BJJ guy would have kicked his ass anyway.

What I liked best about the fight was how even Fulton looked really concerned for the guy.


Fulton is the guy who bodyslammed Bullock. I only see that one fight listed for Bullock.


Ow. That was a hell of a weight difference, bullock looked about as heavy as Pee Wee Herman.

Kip finally realized his dream…

I don’t want to come across as a complete bastard, but that was fucking funny.

The thing about BJJ is that it’s GREAT for a single opponent, but AWFUL for fighting multiple opponents. I mean, while you’re clamming my buddy on the ground, I’m going to drop my bootheel onto your spine.

Kung Fu on the other hand, specificaly trains with multiple opponents in mind, as do other martial arts, like Aikido.

I liked how the guy walked up to the ring swolled up: AIR LATS. Pretty tough to intimidate your opponent when you weigh a buck 10.

During the prefight interview I could tell that guy was going to lose. Bullock should try out for the Ultimate fighter series.

A good video to watch for anyone who thinks Tae kwon do is actually a usuable martial art.

I Googled him last night, searched for about 30 minutes. Only references I could find, besides Sherdog, was a MMA site that had an article warning others that the guy has been going around for the past few years passing himself off as a badass MMA fighter. He claims to have fought in the UFC, has a 13-1 record, multiple blackbelts, wire flying with no wires, wtc, etc.

So pathetic.

And no, you’re not a sick bastard for laughing at that. Was as least as funny, maybe more, as the Pride fight where Fedors brother knocked out James Thomson in 11 seconds.