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Lately I’ve been dealing with a rather strange problem when I run. About 1/2 mile in, I get a nagging side ache that can get so bad that I double over and feel like I’m going to throw up (it feels like a damn stab wound). This is no normal side ache; I believe it’s related to, or even caused by, another problem. One of the floating ribs on my right side “pops” in and out-so easily in fact that I can make it do so simply by breathing and flexing my abs and obliques. I have found a remedy for the pain in breathing deeply and slowly when I run, and periodically taking in one HUGE breath and forcefully exhaling. However, I’m still concerned that this may cause further problems down the road (bones grinding around in your abdomen just ain’t good). Anyone have a similar experience?

Hey Demo, you might be experiencing a very common phenomenon called a side stitch. I used to be plagued by these whenever I ran. The pain appeared on one side of the abdomen or the other, close to where the obliques meet the abs. I finally cured it by learning to relax my abs more and breath more regularly and deeply. Concentrate on relaxing your abs on longer exhales. Good luck.

Sounds like you need a new body Demo. You Montana boys still haven’t figgered out that you are supposed to mount the sheep from the rear. Too late now. You mights well cash in your (cow) chips.

I don’t believe that it’s a normal side-stitch. I’ve gotten those before, and this pain is MUCH more intense, which is why I suspect that it may be related to my recently discovered goofy rib. And Avoids, you mount sheep from the rear? We just shear them for their wool out here. You Easterners are up for some very weird stuff indeed. :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely watch the breathing. Do you breath in throught the nose and out through the mouth? And do, relax the obliques/ab area.

And no Avoids, other than the broken left collarbone, right ankle, nose, and right hand index finger, not to mention a slipped disk, reconstructed right hand middle finger,this newly deveoped floating rib problem, and a porcelain crown to replace one of my front teeth, my body is doing just fine. They can rebuild me, they have the technology…

Yeah it is normal. Checkout runnersworld dot com for more information on the issue. I had problems with that years ago it was bad form.

I checked out Runner’s World and the answer given was basically the same as the ones given here, namely relax the abs, breathe slowly, and pay attention to form. Here’s the problem: I’m already doing that stuff. This wasn’t a problem until two days ago, and is definitely not a regular side stitch. I’m convinced that it is related to this rib that won’t sit still, which I also recently discovered. Incidentally Patricia, I am breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Keep the answers coming folks, I shudder to think what might happen if my 250 pound roommate sees me on a stationery bike…

Don’t know if this helps, but when I get a side ache,(I know this is different, I think), I do the opposite, I tighten the abs and try to keep everything in place. Like bracing for a hit. when you breathe out through you mouth, force the diaphram down.

I only experience this while running if I eat or drink anything within about an hour/hour and a half before running. Never experience side pain if I avoid food or drink for at least an hour prior.