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Ouch!! My Back... HELP!


Hello all!!!

      I did something stupid about a week ago.. I did a max effort on squat and being unhappy with the results went over and did a max effort on a romanian deadlift.. after breaking my old PR by 10 pounds my lower back started to feel weird.  The next day it was sore when I tried to arch my back. A few days later it felt pretty good so I went in and tried to do some really light squats and then it got worse.

Fast forward to today and now whenever I arch my back or sometimes just bend over it hurts on my lower back just above my butt crack. Anyone go through something similar?? I was due for a week off so im doing that and hoping that it will be enough for me to slowly get back into things... switching to a more bodybuilding style training to give my body a break. Thanks for any help guys!!


I do stupid stuff like that myself. 2 weeks ago I was doing trap bar deadlifts, and I went down too fast and pulled a muscle (left spinal erector). Of course I was at rep 3, doing sets of 5. Since I am in "crazy mode" (I lack commen sense to stop when i should, because I put all my focus on completing my set, or in other cases a sprint). I continued for 2 more reps. Then I my brain returned to my head, and I realized I was done, and went to reracking the plates - which sucked balls with a hurting back.

4 days later I am doing step ups with 100lb dumbells, not exactly easy on the back, but I was okay. The back slowly got better each day. And so last week I ended up doing deadlift triples with a weight 20lbs more than my previous max. My lucky ass escaped more injury.

2 days ago I got some tendonitis in my bad knee. today I felt good again, so what do I do? ATG squats with a weight 35lbs more than I did previously. genuis move, but once again I avoided injury.

The lesson? You don't have my luck, so take it easy when coming back from an injury.
I suppose I just like to test myself a lot, see if I am healed up. I have a hard time holding myself back from training.


You need Reverse Hypers and very lite GM's...


I would head over to a chiropractor if I were you. If you don't already have one just ask around, someone you know will have one they will rave about.

You may not necessarily need an adjustment but a good chiropractor will be able to explain the nature of your injury to you and tell you how to treat it.


Romanian deads really bothered my back when i did them a few months ago, but this is probably because I have the ROM of somebody in a body cast. I'd see a chiro, and if everything is ok, start stretching everything. Could it possibly be your SI joint?


I suspect that it's a disc bulge. I've seen this happen many times. Hopefully it's minor.

As suggested see a GOOD chiropractor or physiotherapist.


Yeah, I'd echo the good advice from others, find out exactly what did happen before you decide how to deal with it. If it is a non-muscle injury the last thing you want to do is ignore it.

It's possible, once you do the above, that you'll have to put some quality time into your form and technique.

Whatever you do, don't try to rush it, because you can always end up with something more serious than you have now...


I'm not a physician but know a little about injuries. Like everyone else here, you need to see your doctor first.

The L1 to L5, lumbar area is tricky to deal with. Did you have spasms? The erector spinae muscles along the spinal column are strong but healing takes time when injured especially if you can't bend forward or back. Ice first to help the inflammation subside. Use heat to help your back muscles to regain motion from stiffness and take an aspirin or something to ease the pain.

What I've found to be helpful for weight lifting are mat pilates to work my core muscles and yoga. Good luck and hope your back to 100%.

p.s.Even though your back may feel better in a week, that area is still weak and can't handle heavy loads yet. Also, any kind of standing lifting might aggravate the area. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the advice everyone!! Im going to start looking around for a good chiropractor. Hopefully its not too serious. :frowning:


I'm Romanian...anyone care...: O lol I also hurt myself while squatting because I'm listening to techno and I don't take my time so I do the squats to fast and BAm.



Do these exercises consistantly. They can work wonders.


Sounds similar to how I feel. Too many deadlifts, too many deep squats, too little warm-up, too little flexibility, less than perfect form. Whirl them all together in a blender and yourself a nice tall glass of OUCH.

Very stiff lower back now. It was hurting more and more every day even though I was taking time off! Luckily it seems to be feeling a little better now, but I'm going to be wary for a while and not go anywhere near my max in the deadlift.


Excellent exercises.


Bulged disc I assume. If you do not have nerve twinges or shooting pain in the back or front of the legs, then this is a good sign. Lay flat on the floor for a while. Do good stretching and rest.

Do not do anything that would aggrivate it (Squats, deads, miltary) for at least 2 weeks.

Oh AND verify w/ Doctor.