Ouch...help with calf needed

Oh my friggin calf…

I made the ‘mistake’ of being a responsible teammate and attending 15s practice last night (that’s rugby for the non-ruggers). Our A-side is playing a British Royal Navy club next week and they needed an ‘opposing side’ to practice against.

I got tackled and thought I had taken a knee to the left inner gastrocnemius…felt like a really bad charlie horse all night. Since then it has gotten tighter through out the day despite ice massage and rest up on my desk.

Some nice light bruising has come up, so it might be sprained.

Needless to say I am getting it checked after work.

Problem is I have a 7s tournamnet the 29th and a HG comp on the 5th so I need to get this puppy healed.

Beyond whatever the doc suggests, does anyone have any suggestions on supplements, dietary intake, etc that will help aid in recovery? If any site had folks that would know it would be T-Mag.

You can answer here or PM me.

Thanks…a sore Sprout

I had an intermuscular calf contusion last year after bein chop blocked. Had it massaged and that helped a LOT. Good luck.

If the doc okays it, I will being seeing the woman with magic hands right after.