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Anyone have a copy of OTS’s new Titan Training book? I know in the past Poliquin has slammed their theories, but from my practical experiance they get results. They were the first to bring Pasquales Anabolic Diet, and their Big Beyond Belief program is very effective.
It’s $69 for a 80 page book, and vid, so would like to hear from anyone with comments.
Also anyone viewed their "Advanced Techniques " vid?
Have fun

I to have got there promo in the mail and am wondering if this is worth getting.

i’m kind of curious about it myself. i remember getting Big Beyond Belief (BBB), and i was pretty blown away by it. no other books or training theories had impressed me after that until Poliquin and Ian King came along. somebody else posted that the workouts in the Titan Training book are like the Level 2 workout in BBB, except you can stay on this workout for much longer than 2-3 weeks. if that’s the case, then i’d really like to find out what the workout is. as far as the video, i think i have that: it’s really nothing impressive. all they show you is how to do all of the conventional exercises, and some them they do it with the same sort twists you can learn about in Arnold’s Encyclopedia. if anyone gets or has the book, let me know what the workout consists of.