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OTS--Titan Training System

Has anyone tried or know anything about the new “Titan Training System” by OTS. I know that some of Leo Costas systems are liked by some and disliked by others. Anyone with knowledge or experience of this training system please reply. Thanks.

Yeah, I’m curious about it too. Long ago I used the Big Beyond Belief program with some success, I’m a little older and wiser now, and if it’s anything similar to Big Beyond Belief then I’ll probally pass.

I’ve used Costa’s program when it was called Serious Growth training and I got super results. But that was because it was a huge reduction in volume from what I was doing–the typical 20 sets per bodypart bullshit. Plus I was a young buck in college so I recovered quickly. When I tried it again last year, I overtrained very quickly. I find Ian King’s program more effective now that I’m older.

I used his BBB system with great results. I got the most form his 2/day 6 days a week, and that was without drugs.
I like the way he talks about how most people are to sacred to push their bodies to the limit, and undertraining, more than overtrainnig limits their development, using the Bulgarian creed “Body becomes it’s function”
I want his book, but at $59, its’ not top priority though.
Some of his videos soound interesting too.

here’s my review of the Titan Training System (TTS):

people who bought the previous Serious Growth books are going to feel like they paid way too. most of the book and the video is a review of the material in their previous books. the actual program itself, however, is very different from their previous programs. for one thing you only workout 4 days a week. plus they incorporated some interesting versions of some commonly used training tactics. i made some gains on this program within a relatively short period of time. the 2 criticisms that i have of this program are this: 1) the arms just don’t get enough work 2) their prescribed rest periods are real screwy. normally, if you train with heavier weights and lower reps, then you should rest longer between sets, and vice versa. not with this program. you’ll do a heavy set and then do it again 90 seconds later. i made better gains on the TTS program after i adjusted the rest periods and included arm work.