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OTS Big Beyond Belief Program Good First Week?


I am looking at starting the OTS Big Beyond Belief Program and am wondering if this looks like a good first week.

Ramp 1 Week 1
120 second rests between sets all week
Day 1 (Endurance= 13-15 reps)
(3) BB Row
(3) Bench
(3) BB Curl
(3) Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine

Day 2 (Endurance= 13-15 reps)
(3) Military Press (standing)
(3) Close Grip Bench Press
(3) Back Squat
(3) Weighted Crunches

Day 3 (Strength= 10-12 reps)
(3) Deadlift
(3) Incline Bench
(3) Leg Press
(1) DB Military Press
(2) Seated Calf Machine
(1) Preacher Curls
(1) Reverse Grip Bench

Day 4 (Power= 8-10 reps)
(3) Back Squat
(3) Bench
(3) BB Row
(1) Military Press (standing)
(2) Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine

If something doesn't look right or you can help me in anyway I would very much appreciate it.


Too much isnt better bro..


I Agree...i was rather surprised at this routine also...but i was asking advice from people who have tried this before


You can do that for 3-6 weeks and then your gona collapse. I have tried it and didnt work so good.

Try 3 times a week.
Program switch every 4 weeks.
3-4 different sets in a day. + Abs every time.
Cardio 2-3 times in a week. (Treadmill) 30min first it will ne like hell. but You will get used to it..

This is how i do shit, and works for me prety good. Have a crack at it..


those who say "oh you're gonna do that for three weeks then die," or "That's too much volume, more isn't always better," are just talking without knowing how big beyond belief works or how its set up.

Big beyond belief FORCES you to reach acute overtraining in the first three weeks (ramp) and follow up with a deload or supercompensation phase of three weeks (supergrowth). I WOULD NOT do deadlifts in the strength range because you're simply gonna want to die and form will deteriorate too much.

Put them in the power range, also post this in the actual OTS big beyond belief thread i gave you the link of since the people there have more experience with the actual program than I do and can help you more.


Please post this in the OTS BBB thread




Looks good to me! I would move deadlifts to day 4 and Rows ( or possibly Chins ) to day 3 though. The four day works great, make sure to eat alot and keep you rest between sets exact!

Good Luck!



You forgot your triceps/biceps after day 4.
Make sure you eat (this program kind of forces it though).
I just finished week 3 and starting supergrowth 1 tomorrow. Best of luck, week 3 sucks.


Can you post your Routine?


Day 1:
Rack Pulls
Incline DB Press
EZ Curls
Seated Calf Raises

Day 2:
DB Overhead Press
Smith Close Grip Bench Press
Box Squats (to parallel)

Day 3:
Flat BB Bench Press
Hack Machine Squats
Seated Lateral Raises
Standing Calf Raises
Hammer Curls
Smith Reverse Grip Bench

Day 4:
Low Box Back Squats (2-3" below parallel)
Incline DB Press
Rack Pulls
DB Overhead Press
Seated Calf Raises
EZ Curls
Smith Close Grip Bench Press

I was doing Stiff legged deadlifts instead of the hack machine squats, but my hamstrings get worked well during the squats so I went with the hack machine to focus on the quads.
I do box squats because I find it helps keep down lower back fatigue.
I'm not an advanced lifter nor should you do what I'm doing. It's worked for me and a key to this is to balance the work. Doing 5 sets of 13-15 reps with 90s rest of back squats is draining.


Thanks for posting that man..you think i should not do that routine?


Go to the BBB thread that somebody linked in their posts and ask your questions in there, you'll get good feedback.


I've been doing the BBB program too, and honestly, I can't recommend doing deadlifts for back. I did them for the first two weeks and my back began to hinder every other lift - I couldn't even run a lap around the track without my back giving out. I don't know what would be a good replacement for lower back, but I've been doing pullups instead. I am on week 4 right now and might add deadlifts back in for 5-7 rep day with the lower volume, but 5 sets of 10 to failure with 90 second rests is just too much for the lower back.

Other than that, I'd do stiff legged deadlifts instead of leg press. Other than that, looks good. Don't worry about the volume of the workouts. It all works out and you gain a lot of strength. Helps a lot if you can drag someone to go the the gym with you too. A spotter helps tremendously on those last 15 reps of bench press.


I altered my routine slightly before i started it. What do you think? (im on day 3)

BB rows
Bench press
EZ bar curls
Calf raise on leg press machine

day 2
standing Military press
Smith Machine Close grip press
Back squat
Weighted Decline Crunches

day 3
Pull downs
incline Bench
Leg Press
seated DB Military Press
Seated calf raise
Preacher Curls
Reverse Grip Bench

Box squat
flat DB Press
Rack Pulls "My gym only has a smith machine so i will be doing them on that"
Seated BB Military press
Calf Raise on Leg Press Machine
Smith close grip bench press
EZ Bar curls