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OTS BBB Routine Critique


Im thinking im gonna try it...

This is what I got so far:

Day 1 Endurance (13-15 Reps)
Sets/ Muscle Group/ Exercise
3/Back/DB Rows
3/Chest/Flat DB Bench
3/Bicep/Alt DB Curls
3/Calf/Standing Calf Raises

Day 2 Endurance (13-15 Reps)
3/Delts/DB Shoulder Press
3/Triceps/Decline CGBP
3/Thighs/Front Squat
3/Abs/?No Idea?

Day 3 Strength (10-12 Reps)
3/Back/Rack Pulls
3/Chest/Incline DB Bench
1/Delts/DB Push Press
2/Calves/Seated Calf Raise
1/Biceps/Reverse Curls
1/Tricep/Over Head Ext's

Day 4 Power (8-10 Reps)
3/Thighs/Bulgarian Split Squat (Sorry Boyle)
3/Chest/Decline DB Bench
3/Back/BB Rows - Any Alternatives? they take a toll on my lower back)
1/Delts/Lateral Raises - I dont feel like this is a good one.
2/Calf/BB Calf Raises w/ feet elevated on plates
1/Bicep/DB Hammer Curls

Any suggestions are much appreciated. If you have any experience with the program I'd like your input.

*What about hamstrings and quads? All they say is thighs... What the hell?
Also, does the order matter that much? Obviously I'll do all the compound movements first but
if some equipment's taken, I assume it would be fine to swap two exercises, right?


isn't there a thread for this? im not trying to be an ass, just saying.


yeah, i asked a question in it once but now it wont let me enter the thread when i click the link.


My comments are embedded in the quote...

On the hamstrings issue-you can add on leg curls to day 2. On day 3 you have deads which will nail your posterior chain in any case so hams are covered. If you don't feel them enough on day 3 you can do sdl's instead of regular deads.

To get in more back width work you can also consider making day 1 rack chins. Stiff Leg Deads and leg press on day 2 to cover hams and quads and back thickness. On day 3 you can do DB/BB rows for back thickness with leg curls for extra ham work, which is always important. Then on day 4 you can do front squats and neutral grip chins for width again-just another option...


Sorry-figuring out the quote thing at the moment...


no no thanks alot. i didnt realize i had hardly any back width in there.
one question though, you dont think it would be bad to put leg curls the day before deads?
im just asking... how to you think putting leg curls in day 1 would work out?


ok... now i can get back on the other thread


No, I think keep quads and hams together otherwise you're not following the program, which is always best.


i see... thank you


As far as swapping equipment goes, that's definitely a good thing, so you don't develop any imbalances. You should always (systematically) incorporate a variety of stances, grips, and or angles into your routine to avoid any overuse injuries. But the difficult thing about it is that you have to make sure you're progressing (in some way) every session, and with a different implement how would you know you are progressing? So you have to keep an accurate log. In a pinch it's okay to do a replacement exercise or machine if your usual one is occupied, but make sure that you push yourself hard on that apparatus as well.

If that really the rep scheme for the program? It seems as if all days are pretty high reps. Even 8-10 is more hypertrophy than pure strength, IMO. I do one of the days in the 3-5 rep range. I guess I'm just not a fan of how the program is laid out :-/ But I know BBB has worked well for a lot of people, so see if it works well for ya!

I'd personally split it up into push and pull days such as chest, shoulders, triceps, quads on one day, and back (thickness and width), biceps, and hamstrings on another day. Then just pick where to do abs and calves, but that's just my personal preference and I'm sure it's not what the program calls for, at least not the 4 day/2X a week version.