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OTS BBB Log ft. Burst!


I'm a 20 year old, 6' ~180lber. I have been up to 203lbs before, and hated the results. I didn't train hard enough, and I didn't know my body. Since I've lost the fat, my lifts have increased past my old records, and I have learned so much about the proper fuel that my body needs to run optimally (ie. lower carbs). With that said, it's time to surpass my old peak, and in a much more stylish fashion.

Current Records:
Squat - 320lbs x 4
Bench - 245lbs x 4
Deadlift - 370lbs x 1

This log is to make sure I remain motivated and accountable to those who are watching. I've been lurking in the shadows watching guys like Modok, Alpha, C_C, etc, and it's given me the boost I needed to step my game up.

Also, I'm very lucky to be going on this journey with what feels like a team. There's a small group of guys that started the OTS Big Beyond Belief Program a few weeks before me, so with guys like DH and Modok as coaches, this will be a hell of a fun time.

So feel free to ask, criticize, insult, whatever.

Let's get started.


I have just started the 6x per week, 1x per day rotation. Here is my split:

Day 1:
DB Row
Flat DB Press
Alt DB Curls
Leg press calf raise

Day 2:
DB Military Press
BB Skullcrusher (PJR Style)
Machine Hack Squats
Seated Leg Curl
Ab machine

Day 3:
Rack pull ups
Incline BB Press
Hammer curls
Seated Calf raise

Day 4:
Upright Row
R-G Bench Press
Sumo/Hybrid Deadlift
Leg Press
Hanging Leg Raises

Day 5:
Chest supported row
Decline BB Press
BB curls
Smith calf raise

Day 6:
High-Incline seated BB press (to chin)
C-G Bench Press
BB Back Squats
Lying Leg Curl
Decline weighted situps

I chose to do the 3 different exercises approach. Modok stated that it might be slightly more conducive to a balanced physique, whereas the 2 rotations approach might be better for overall strength. Ultimately, it's just details baby, details.


Day 1, Week 1, 06/29/09

DB Row: 55/15, 60/15, 60/13
Flat DB Press: 55/15, 55/13, 55/10
Alt. DB Curl: 25/15, 25/13, 25/13
Leg Press Calf Raise: 200/15, 180/15, 180/13

A few notes:

  • After this workout, I really see what Modok meant about always increasing that first set. As the rest periods get shorter, the subsequent sets will get tougher. I felt like my mentality was to start a little lighter so I wouldn't have to drop the weight on the next sets. That's bullshit, and I have to make sure I don't pull that shit in my workouts.

  • I am currently on vacation. That's right, you guys were so convincing that I started a program while vacationing. I HAD to. I couldn't wait another week (I trained lightly for the vacation week). The good news is, I'll be back home in good time to do my Day 3 workout with the appropriate equipment/weights. The bad news is that the weights (or even exercises) for Day 1 and 2 might be a little wonky from Week 1 to Week 2, but consistent thereafter.

  • Since I won't be back home until Tuesday night, I have to wait until Wednesday to do my measurements and weight check. The variation should be slight, but noted. I'm trying to eat a very moderate caloric surplus, so my weight might be slightly higher by then than it was this morning.


Oh, also, I've got good progression pictures of my journey from 203lbs - now. I think I might post them up with an updated set 6 weeks into this program. It will look something like:

Me at 203lbs -> 190bs -> ~180lbs -> ~190lbs

Should be cool to see the difference in 190lbs versions of me, hopefully it's noticeable.


Good luck with this brother, I am excited to see how you do with this!

Work hard man!


Thanks a lot Alpha, it means a lot to have you checking in on me. I'll work my ass off, we should see some exciting changes. Good to see that you're still rockin' on the 5/3/1. My condolences for your recent loss.

  • 2nd workout of the program will be soon, and I'll post it up after my flight home.


Good Burst, as you know I'm in here with ya man..but on 4x a week.
Do not only train hard, but be consistent. DO NOT give up even after 9 weeks of the program..do more man.
Keep it up until you finally want a change.
It'll be awesome to see how you progress!


Very well said, thank you for the encouraging words.

I'm looking forward to seeing our results on this trek together.


Day 2, Week 1, 06/30/09

DB Shoulder Press: 40/15, 35/14, 30/15
Skullcrusher (to back of head): 65/13, 55/14, 55/11
**Unilateral Leg Press: 200/14, 170/15, 170/13
Seated Leg Curl: 11/15, 10/15, 10/14
Ab Machine: 170/15, 160/15, 160/15


** As stated above, I was on vacation at the time and the gym was ill-equipped. I was supposed to do a machine hack squat, but had to settle. What I'm going to do to mitigate this is do machine hack squats on my Day 4 (so I'll have good numbers to work off for Day 2 Week 2), and then place Leg Press back into its original spot in Day 4 for Week 2. This way, the only number that I won't get from week 1 will in fact be the leg press, and this clusterfuck will be minimized.

  • Was a good workout. I'm starting to get the concept of busting my ass for that first set, as opposed to "saving some" for the later sets. Looking forward to getting into my routine at home here and laying the smack down on some weights.


Day 3, Week 1, 07/01/09

Rack pullups: 30/12, 25/10, bw/10
Incline BB Press: 155/10, 145/10, 135/9
Hammer curls: 27.5/12, 25/9, 20/11
Seated calf raise: 90/10, 70/12, 70/10


Good workout. I can feel how hard the 3x per week frequency is going to be.

To be honest... I can't wait for more.


Best of luck with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Week 1 will be grand,
Week 2 you will start wondering what the heck you signed up too
Week 3 you will definitely consider giving up and taking up Yoga LOL but stick it out, just keep looking to Weeks 4-6 around the corner.

Got to go through pain (Week 1-3), to make you appreciate the good times (Week 4-6) :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorited so i can find it again, best of luck !


Hahaha dude to be honest, I'm already wondering what I got myself into!

Thanks for checkin' in.


Day 4, Week 1, 07/02/09

Upright Row: 90/12, 80/12, 75/11
Reverse grip bench press: 115/12, 115/12, 115/12
Sumo/Hybrid deadlift: 135/10, 185/10, 185/10 ***
Machine hack squat: 140/12, 140/10, 140/10
Hanging leg raises: 12, 12, 12


*** You'll notice my deadlift numbers are out of whack. 2 reasons: 1. Never done a sumo/hybrid lift before, I was feeling severe pain right behind my knees. If anyone can offer tips, please, PLEASE do! I got better as I practiced, but could still use advice.

  1. I've had a sore spine for the last month or so. It happened during a workout, I was doing reverse hyperextensions and something from that hurt my spine. It feels odd after heavy lifting. Can anyone offer some wisdom?

  2. Besides that, this program is starting to make it's presence known to me. I've only done my muscles twice this week, and I'm hurtin! The next 2 days should be fun, haha.


FUCK I'm SORE! Hahahaha. Off to workout.


Day 5, Week 1, 07/03/09

Chest-Supported row: 115/10, 100/10, 90/10
Decline Bench Press: 185/10, 185/10, 185/9
Barbell Curl: 75/10, 65/10, 60/10
Smith machine calf raise: 135/10, 135/10, 135/10


  • These are the numbers for today as good as I can remember - my logbook is upstairs and I'm not going to get it. There's your indicator to my soreness.

  • Good workout. I'm concerned more about my spine, I'm going to foam roll and I've got a doc's appointment Tuesday to see if we can figure out what this problem is. Still going to squat tomorrow, but carefully. Don't want any long term problems. Considering purchasing a belt for lifting.


Day 6, Week 1, 07/04/09

High-Incline Seated Shoulder Press: 115/10, 105/10, 105/9
Close-grip bench press: 155/9, 145/8, 135/9
Back squats: 225/10, 205/10, 185/10 ***
Lying leg curl: 90/10, 80/10, 75/10
Decline weighted sit ups: 20/10, 20/10, 20/10


*** Went relatively light on squats. They were fairly challenging but I know I could have handled more. My spine is still worrying me, and I could "feel" it while doing my squats. I'm trying to find that fine line between taking it easy on the spine and busting my ass in the gym. I think if I play my cards right, I can have the problem solved one way or another in a matter of weeks.

If anyone has any advice or knowledge regarding the spine, please share some of your wisdom with me.


Day off today.

It's going by waaay too quickly.


That's funny thats exactly how i thought, my weeks seem to FLY by since this program started !


Yeah I got to agree with this too I start my second week this afternoon and yeah I love the program so far, good luck Burst!


Hahaha I'm glad you guys feel my pain.

Day 1, Week 2, 07/06/09

DB Rows: 65/15, 60/15, 55/14, 55/12
Flat DB Press: 60/15, 55/14, 52.5/13, 50/12
Alt. DB Curl: 30/13, 25/13, 20/14, 20/13
Leg Press Calf Raise: 180/15, 230/15, 230/14, 230/13


  • Tough workout today. I had to superset the first 2 exercises due to time constraints. That, coupled with the decreased rest and additional set wreaked havoc on me. I'm glad that I increased my weights despite these obstacles, but I certainly won't be supersetting any exercises again! Given the choice, I mean.

  • Shoulders are a little sore after this one. I'm going to do some foam rolling and take care of my spine.