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Others Opinions?


Want?s some other peoples opinions now that i?m thinking of putting some quality on my frame. Tried some steroids a couple of years ago and it was ok. Now i want to get harder and a little bit bigger for the summer-season and have some plans of going for Winstrol depot-tablets and some Dianabol, somewhere aruond 3-400 tablets of each maybe?

Don?t like needles so things that involves that stuff is out of the question even if its less harmful to the body. Is this a bad cycle or is there any better alternatives?


Yeah bro, awesome cycle. lol


Nothing better than that cycle. You'll get ripped and huge at the same time!! GOOD LUCK!


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i second what bushboy said.....

get reading and get pokin :slight_smile: grow a pair (testicles that is)...just kiddin....orals only - difficult route .....i suggest you listen to seasoned bros here.....

anyway.....what's up bushy.....long time no hear and no seen.....

is it me or is this board is slowly getting kinda funky.....less quality posts....less quality questions...less quality overall.....

maybe it't just me and my PMT :)))



This is why all the posts like this scare me. Enough of them and the people with the knowledge will move on. I come here because of people like you who can actually help me learn. I am with you on the number of people who do zero research before posting but remember us quiet folk who look to you for help. And I know I am not alone here...anyway, off topic but needed to be said.


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OK, what do you "seasoned bros" here recommend?


Many of the "seasoned bros" would tell you to get the fuck off this board, your asking a dumb question to smart group, do some research for gods sakes.



Oh, and by the way, I used to freakin HATE needles. Now I love em, go figure eh?


I will leave all the flaming to the seasoned vets on this page.I have no room to cast stones. However I will try to give back some of what learned from my fellow T-brethren.Search out anabolic reviews and side effects,aromitization,anti estrogens, half lives,esters,post cycle therapy,liver toxicity,blood panels.these are just pointing you in the general direction bro.

Learn what you can about that and come back for more.Just a hint, I researched anabolic use and proper nutrition for almost 2 years before taking a walk on the wild side. Remember, you can spend every dime you have on anabolics but without the proper nutrition,training,pct,and DISCIPLINE.........you won't gain crap.
Good luck my friend.

Get swole,


Whats up biscuit?

You are right on with that advice.

Go hogs beat bama. LOL.


Spend 150 bucks and get 20-25ml of test. Spend another $10 and get some 12 syringes with 1" and/or 1.5" 25g pins. Inject 500mg once a week for 12 weeks. Train hard/smart and eat well. Gain a lot of quality mass and strength. Do 4 weeks of PCT. Keep 70-80% of your gains.


Spend 400 bucks and buy a few hundred tabs of Dbol and winstrol. take 25-30mg of dbol/winny each per day for 8 weeks, mess up your liver, gain 5-10lbs. PCT for 4 weeks and keep 20% of your gains.

Its up to you to decide if spending twice the money while getting far less results and risking your renal health is worth avoiding a tiny needle once/week... I'll tell you that an injection from a small guage needle no only isn't painful, but can barely be felt. Its all psychological. Elevated liver enzymes, dbol headaches, and winny's joint aches are a bigger pain in the ass than sticking yourself with a 1.5 inch pin...


strongly agree with this opinion.

anyways, to the original poster. get the fuck over your fear of needles....buy 2 bottles of test enanthate, clomid, arimidex and an assload of food. take that little syringe, fill it with 1 ml of test E, and inject it in your right glute on monday morning....then on thursday evening do the same in your left glute.....repeat for 10 weeks.

take the a-dex @ 0.5 mg EOD throughout. clomid for PCT. simplicity works.

oh yeah.....read more first.