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Other Type of Pre-Exhaustion

Although I�??m not really a fan of thinking of muscles in isolation I was thinking about a method I don�??t see around often, if ever. Just how Arthur Jones et al advocated pre/post-exhaustion for the particular muscle group.

What about if it was switched and you pre-exhausted the other muscle groups used in the major lift. Example: do tricep work before bench to focus on chest. It would be higher reps as to not tire the NS too much.

With bench as an example, you would focus on accelerating out of the bottom as fast as possible and throughout the whole range of motion. Because the triceps will already be fatigued there will be an intrinsic need to use the rotational arm muscles i.e. chest to accelerate the weight from the beginning to be able to finish the lift.

Does anyone have experience with this method?

In my mind that would be counter productive. You’d likely fail with your triceps before your chest got adequate stimulation.