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Other Topical 4-AD Preperations

How effective are the cream based 4-AD preparations and how do they compare to Androsol in regards to absorbability, effectiveness, and concentration levels of 4-AD. Thanks for any info.

I’m not personally familiar with any cream
preparations of 4-AD being sold by anybody.
However, pharmaceutically, cream preparations
of steroids usually deliver only a tiny
percentage, of the steroid applied. You apply
100 mg to get 1 mg or maybe 3 mg or something.

Furthermore, the cream cannot give the bonded
film with the skin that Androsol does, so
you can’t apply to as large an area, and if
you apply to a clothed area, it would rub off into your clothes.

The 4-AD will also be in crystalline form rather than amorphous form, and therefore is less