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Other Supps While on HRT?

just wondering what, if any, other supps you all are taking in addition to hrt? liver support or anything like that?


TRT restores T to youthful levels. As long as one is not taking T as an oral drug [rarely done now], there is no reason to have any concerns for liver stress at all. Young virile males do not have liver problems caused by their high T levels.

Most need adex to achieve optimal levels of E2. E2 near E2=22pg/ml seems to be optimal for libido and mental response to TRT. E2 in the thirties, well within “normal range” can create significant to severe problems.

TRT induced HPTA shutdown leads to organ failure of the testes and pregnenolone production in the testes is often greatly reduced by HPTA shutdown. hCG injections, 250iu SC EOD will maintain testicular function and size. Many report an improvement in mood when hCG is introduced, often attributed to restored pregnenolone levels.


Maintain your general health with vitamin D in higher doses, fish oils for EFA’s and other health oils, a complete supplement program, stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake, review Rx and OTC meds for effects on T, E and libido.