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How many of you do other stuff than just bodybuilding? I know alot of you do MMA and that’s great, but are there any runners on this forum? It seems a bit strange that many of you are into body building to be “fit” and look good naked, but can any of you run a six minute mile? Don’t get me wrong, I love lifting weights, I think that it is really great and that more people should do it, but don’t some of you put too much importance on lifting for being “fit”? I think that a real T-Man should be able to bench press their bodyweight for many reps, and squat twice as much as they way but shouldn’t they also be able to run a 10k? Being able to run far and fast is just as human as being able to be big and strong: weren’t cave men good runners and weren’t they strong? This isn’t intended as a flame but I was just wondering if anyone on here thinks the same way as I do. I just think that being big and strong isn’t everything.

I second your thoughts. I run about 24 miles a week. I always said, if God exercises, He runs. The most pure form of exercise.

I think that you wind up trying to strike a perfect balance between strength and endurance. I play and coach soccer, and I have to keep my weight down to be able to last a full 90 minutes. Most probably prefer the big and fit look as opposed to the lean runner appearance. And if you want to run 10k, you can’t be carrying any extra weight. So figure out what you want to excel at, and then strive to achieve the fitness level that allows you to do it.

Why would ya havta run if you’re all big and strong? Make the other guy run.

Two words - Renegade training. From my experience this method of training accomplishes exactly what your talking about. Renegade training gives you the “look” as well as the fitness to back it up.

As far as the caveman comment,I really think they’d be more of a sprinter.Why would a caveman run 10 k’s??? doesn’t make sense,most predator’s that would prey on an animal the size of a human would be fast.the chase would end quickly. You think a bear is gonna “jog” 10 K’s to chase down something with the amount of meat a human has???

I second the renegade training, I never run the mile but as I test I ran one a couple weeks back in 5:50, and I stopped during lap one to tie my shoe, my brother said I would have been at least 7 sec faster had I not stopped. Im not a runner either, and naturally am a poor athlete, but if you train hard enough ANYTHING CAN AND WILL HAPPEN!

I am a competitive runner and a Track and field coach. I can bench 1 and 1/2 time my body weight, squat twice my body wieght, and I have run an 4:06 mile. As for the 10K, my best was 29:41, but I hated every step! (too far for my taste) I am a 400-800M secialist myself! Hope this answers your question.

I roller blade, swin, run a little (bit heavy now), bike. I dont everything all the time, but I do have other weekly activities besides lifting. I used to run long distance as well (60-70 miles/week) but quit cuz lost a lot of muscles.

I agree with the initial message that there ought to be a balance between strength and cardiovascular activity if one desires to call themself “fit”. But I don’t believe it must be a requirement. Some people aren’t concerned with the latter, and that’s there perogative. Personally, I hate running, for runnings sake. I ride a bike 5 miles 4 days a week, play basketball for 2-4 4 days a week, and lift 4 days a week. That works for me. In the end I applaud those who are simply willing to just go to the gym and do something anything beside veg in front of a tv with a happy meal and a smile.

Mile: 4:23
Marathon: 3:03:50
Age: 22
So yeah, I guess there are a few people out there who dedicate their lives to lifting and runnin both. The big question is: How do you want your body to look. From personal experience I’m finding that its really hard to get big, strong and ripped while running upwards of 70 miles per week. I think total body fitness and wellness is the most important thing, but some people like to tweak with with certain aspects.

I agree with the O’l kid, Of what purpose is it to be able to run a 10k? I believe in balance and athleticism but I don’t include long distance running as part of this. A caveman would more likely have been able to hike long distances and than sprint when neccessary either to catch food or avoid being food. Actually it’s funny this topic came up. On Sun. I played touch football for the first time in about 6 months. During that time all I’ve been doing is my regular weight training and running 3 miles 3-4 times per week. (8 min miles-I’m not built for running distance) Well, it’s Wed. and my whole body is still sore from the sprinting on Sun. Makes me realize that simply weight training and running 9-12 miles/wk comes nowhere close to making me fit. I guess it’s time to get into some renegade style training and back to some MMA training.

I’m sure there are many of us who could care less, who actually can run miles at a 6 minute clip. I’ve found that this endurance has just become a side effect of all the cardio I do while cutting.