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To me, this is bigger news than the Fedor signing. This gives them a much more attractive roster and opportunity to attract better fighters with more frequent top-tier competition. HW still looks pretty week. Nice LW and MW divisions though.


I caught wind of this a while back. They pretty much were already doing this with a few fighters. Melendez/Ishida was a hell of a fight in DREAM. Their rematch come Aug.15th will not disappoint.

HW divisions will always be weakest in any promotion....as such the case is in the UFC. UFC heavyweight division is really no more stacked than any other org.....just higher profile. Speaking of HW,keep your eye out on Shane Del Rosario.....good young prospect with potential. He was WBC HW muay thai champ....good strikers are far and few in HW divisions of MMA.

This is great news....hope it works out well...especially with M-1 in the mix. Strikeforce has always put out good fights. That is what fans of mma want,right? Anyone who loves this sport should definitely be excited about this. People need to get over this Fedor business....he is not MMA......and the UFC is not MMA,either.

Oh,and apparently the UFC is trying put a "cease and desist" on Babulu/Mousasi Strikeforce fight...and possibly Fedor's fights as well. UFC is claiming that they are under contract with Affliction. And they supposedly acquired fighter contracts when they made deal with Affliction. But I thought they were exclusively under M-1 contracts..??? Zuffa never disappoints...fuckers. I just want to see fights....I'm no exclusively,loyal UFC only fan.

No surprise that no one has commented on this thread.....too many "UFC fans"..and not enough MMA fans. Good looking out,dhickey.


you are right. it will interesting to see how well they share. It could be a let down if the stars aren't fighting each other. To me there are almost an infinite number of interesting fights at MW. Hopefully the sharing isn't just in the shallower divisions.


Which match-ups do you guys like the best coming out of this?

Ever since Zaromskis went on that tear in DREAM, he's really upped his profile. I'd like to see him matched up with Diaz. Manhoef and Lawler would be entertaining, with two great strikers going at it. Kharitonov could be thrown out as a hype builder for Fedor.

You judge too quickly Boss.


I was being facetious. There is some truth to that...but I was bullshitting for the most part.

Oh,and Kharitonov could prove to be an interesting opponent for Fedor. He was once training with Fedor. Don't know there their relationship now....especially after Aleksander decimated Sergei.

He used to be one of my favorite fighters. Kharitonov has turned himself into an serious underachiever in recent years. Few years back,he was a fighter with a legitimate chance at beating Fedor.

Not so much the case now.


He does have wins over two of Strikeforce's top heavyweights (Werdum, Overeem) which makes him a legitimate opponent for Fedor. It sucks that he's been fighting so infrequently lately.


Thomsom/Melendez/Ishida vs. Riberiro/Aoki/Hansen/Calvan

Zaromskis/Sakurai/High vs. Shields/Diaz - no shields/Sakuarai, already saw that one.

Manhoef .vs Lawler/Diaz/Le/Santiago/Radach
Filho/Jacare vs. Shields/Diaz/Shamrock

Soukodjuo vs. Whitehead/Randleman

Kharitonov .vs Rogers/Overeem III (maybe)


Personally,I don't care to see Overeem/Kharitonov III. I would like to see Rogers/Overeem...just to see if Rogers is for real or not.....AND to see if Overeem is not full of shit with this everlasting hand injury. They should strip his ass,imo.


I really hope some good matches come out of this. My only concern is Strikeforce tries to grow too quickly due to better access to fighters.


Dana White is pissed...looks like UFC VS Strikforce to the death...

See ya Strikeforce...


jacare vs shields really interests me, filho has looked terrible for the last while and i have no real interest in watching him anymore which is a shame cause he used to be quality.

any combination of lightweight fights would be unreal, personally melendez vs hansen or calvan vs thompson, although thompson can't seem to avoid getting injured!